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Democratic sheriff excitedly anticipates obtaining a mugshot of Trump: “We’ll have it!”

The⁤ Democratic Sheriff of Fulton⁤ County is ​Prepared ​to Take a Mugshot of Former ⁢President Donald Trump

The Democratic sheriff of Fulton County, Georgia, said​ his ⁣office is prepared ​to take a mugshot of former President⁤ Donald‌ Trump, should District⁢ Attorney Fani Willis indict him this month.

“Unless⁢ somebody tells me⁢ differently, we are following our normal practices, and so it doesn’t matter your status, we’ll have a mugshot ready for you,” Labat told the network.

Willis convened a grand jury​ to look into whether Trump‌ tried⁣ to overturn the ​results⁢ of the 2020⁢ election⁣ in her county during the ⁤hotly ⁣contested race. She previously hinted a charging decision could come‍ by ⁢the end of August.

Trump has been indicted in New York City‍ on 34 counts of‍ falsifying business records. He has also been indicted by the Justice Department in the ⁢case of classified documents found at his Florida home ​and resort. On Tuesday, ⁤he was indicted by the⁢ DOJ on four counts relating to the⁤ 2020 election and its‍ aftermath.

Trump ​has ⁣denied any wrongdoing in the ⁢previous⁣ indictments and has maintained he did nothing ​wrong in Georgia. But a ‌potential incitement in ‌the ⁤Peach State could ⁢yield something the DOJ charges and Manhattan District Attorney⁣ Alvin Bragg’s charges⁢ against Trump did not — a mugshot.

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Fulton County ​Sheriff Pat Labat said after⁤ Trump’s Tuesday indictment ‌he is prepared to treat the former president as any other ​alleged criminal during comments he made to WSB-TV.

The Democrat ⁢and the top cop in the county ​appeared eager ⁢to fingerprint and photograph Trump if he is given the opportunity.

“If ⁢an indictment came today, we would be ready,” Labat said, according to the New York Post.

Labat did not expound on the comment ⁣further, ⁣except to say ​he ‌has watched the other three Trump indictments closely.

Willis ⁢has kept her cards close to her vest, but she did ⁤tell WXIA-TV⁤ in Atlanta⁣ on Saturday that she has remained in‍ contact with Labat regarding a potential Trump ​indictment.

She said​ Labat has worked to secure the county‍ courthouse‍ and ‌praised him for his efforts.

“I⁣ think that the sheriff is doing something smart in making sure that the courthouse stays safe,” she ⁣told the outlet.

An indictment is expected by many as Willis has ordered judges ​not to schedule ⁤any hearings or trials in-person for part of the month. She hinted to WXIA there might be a reason for that.

“The work is accomplished,” the ⁣district ⁢attorney said. “We’ve been working for two-and-a-half years. We’re ready to go.”

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