Democrat Senator Celebrates Vandalism of Pro-Life Billboard

As churches and pregnancy centers come under assault, Democrat State Senator Emily Randall (D-WA26) is celebrating the vandalism of a pro-life billboard in Gorst.

In a pre-produced Instagram video, Randall giddily reports that a pro-life message was “decorated” by a pro-abortion extremist. She smiles as she tells her constituents that she “had to pull over when I saw the decorated/corrected billboard.”

The billboard originally declared, “Some choices are wrong” and “End abortion,” alongside a photo of a young fetus. The video posted by Randall shows the billboard defaced.

The graffiti crosses out “wrong” and replaces it with “healthcare!!!” The words “End abortion” are crossed out. During the video, Randall plays “Rebel Girl” by Bikini Kill because she wants you to think she’s edgy.

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Why is a Democrat state senator celebrating vandalism?

It’s odd for Randall to publicly embrace and endorse vandalizing political messages she disagrees with. But it’s not necessarily shocking.

After all, Randall is a partisan extremist in a party that embraces socialism and abolition. It likely explains why the party isn’t condemning dangerous and escalating attacks against churches and pregnancy centers.

Typically, Randall and her colleagues stay silent when political violence and vandalism benefit their side. It’s an alarming trend.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was the perfect example. Democrats ideologues did not seem to care about the murder of black teens at CHAZ because the rioting and vandalism served a purpose.

Randall won’t defend her dangerous position

I know Randall doesn’t understand, but do you realize how dangerous this path we continue to go down is?

When you disagree with a political position, it’s apparently okay to destroy it?

If a symbol exists — like a church — that you disagree with, you can vandalize it with impunity?

Randall did not respond to requests for comments. Perhaps she was busy searching for other acts of vandalism to celebrate and promote on social media?

Her opponent, State Rep Jesse Young, had much to say.

“Senator Randall’s reckless attitude toward crime is why I’m leaving my safe seat and running to unseat her,” Young told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “This isn’t a game and real lives are being impacted while she ignores the hurt in our communities and blames our police.”

Young is concerned that her supporters may see her video reaction “as license to step up their vandalism to more serious crime.”

One wonders if Randall would take the same celebratory tone if her re-election campaign signs were vandalized. What if a radio talk show host posted a video gloating? She’d probably call it a hate crime.

“For the safety of our constituents, she should not just apologize for her unprofessional post and disavow the vandalism, she should also actively advocate for peaceful and respectful consideration as we work through incredibly tough and divisive issues,” Young said.

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