Democrat AG denies NM Governor, won’t support gun carry ban in court.

New⁣ Mexico Attorney General Refuses to Defend Controversial Gun Order

New Mexico Attorney General Raul Torrez ‍has made a bold move by refusing to defend Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s controversial gun ⁤order in court. The emergency ‍order,‌ which​ temporarily bans carrying firearms in public spaces across Bernalillo County, is facing multiple lawsuits.

Torrez⁢ expressed his belief that the⁤ order violates both ​state and federal constitutions in ‌a letter to the governor. He stated that his duty to ⁤uphold and defend⁢ the constitutional rights of every citizen takes precedence over his statutory obligation to defend state⁤ officials. Therefore, he made it clear⁢ that his office ⁣would not support the governor​ in the legal challenges she faces.

Lujan Grisham signed the executive order after a series‍ of tragic shootings that claimed⁤ the lives of innocent children. ‍However,⁣ Torrez ‍argues that the order will not have a significant impact‍ on public safety ‍and ​questions‌ its constitutionality.

A Call ⁣for Deliberation and ⁤Collaboration

Torrez urged the governor to ‍engage in a more thoughtful and deliberative process with members of ​the New Mexico Legislature instead of taking unilateral action that infringes⁤ on the constitutional rights of⁢ law-abiding citizens. He emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to address the underlying dynamics driving gun violence in‌ the community.

Torrez’s decision aligns ‌him with other officials who refuse to​ enforce or‌ defend the order. Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller⁢ and ‌Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen, both Democrats, have⁤ also ⁢expressed their opposition, citing ⁤concerns⁤ about the order’s ⁤constitutionality.


In response ​to Sheriff Allen, Lujan Grisham emphasized that‍ her administration has ⁤provided the necessary‌ tools to⁢ enforce ​the order and urged him to​ use⁣ them. She‍ remains steadfast in her commitment‍ to prioritize the safety​ of the people of New Mexico.

The governor’s gun order has​ faced criticism from national progressives as well. California Rep. Ted Lieu‌ and gun control activist David Hogg have both argued that the order violates​ the U.S.​ Constitution.

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