Democrat who equated book bans with child castration supports bill permitting child castration.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore: Bans on Kids’ Library Books and the Irony of Castration

Maryland Governor Wes Moore recently made headlines when he spoke out against bans on certain kids’ library books, comparing them to “castrating children.” While his statement was figurative, it’s worth noting that just last month, Moore signed a bill that potentially allows the literal castration of kids.

Moore’s comments came during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki,” where the host and former Biden administration spokeswoman discussed the controversy surrounding books about African American history in school libraries. Psaki suggested that many parents and conservatives are trying to ban these books, particularly those that promote Critical Race Theory.

“I continue hearing people making the argument that we’re doing it because we want to prevent our students from having discomfort or guilt,” Moore said. “But I believe that conservatives actually want to prevent black children from understanding their own history.”

According to Moore, it’s not about making kids feel uncomfortable; it’s about denying them the knowledge of their own power. He argued that by censoring books on African American history, we are essentially castrating these children and robbing them of their potential. “Because if you know your history, you know your power,” Moore emphasized.

Examples of schools implementing Critical Race Theory abound across the country. In Philadelphia, an elementary school forced fifth-graders to celebrate “Black communism,” while an elementary school in Cupertino, California, had third-graders deconstruct their racial identities and rank themselves based on “power and privilege.” Buffalo Public Schools taught students that “all white people” are guilty of systemic racism and exposed kindergarteners to videos of dead black children, warning them about “racist police and state-sanctioned violence.”

It’s important to note that Moore is not the only Democrat fighting to keep books about Critical Race Theory in schools. However, his choice of the word “castrating” is ironic given his support for the Trans Health Equity Act during his gubernatorial campaign. This act promotes “gender-affirming” health care, which can potentially include chemical and surgical castration.

The bill Moore signed into law in May states that “gender-affirming treatment” may include procedures outlined in the clinical standards of care published by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. In September 2022, WPATH even removed age requirements for gender-affirming treatment and surgery, suggesting that some sexual reassignment surgeries could be performed on individuals as young as 15 or 17.

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