Missing F-35 fighter jet’s debris field located.

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OAN’s Roy‌ Francis‌ Reports: ​Missing F-35 Fighter Jet Found

Posted by‍ Roy Francis – 8:19 AM, Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Exciting news from the ​United⁤ States military! They have successfully located ⁣the wreckage of the missing F-35 fighter jet that disappeared⁢ over⁢ the weekend after the pilot ejected.


Yesterday, officials announced​ the‍ discovery of a debris​ field in Williamsburg County, South Carolina, approximately two hours northeast of Joint Base Charleston.

The military had previously ‍reached out to the public for assistance in locating the ⁣aircraft. Now that it has been found, they are urging residents of the area to avoid the crash site while a recovery team secures the wreckage.

“We are transferring ​incident command to the USMC this evening, as they begin the recovery ​process,” Joint⁢ Base‌ Charleston posted on ⁤X.

Military ​officials have been tirelessly searching for the aircraft since the pilot safely ejected and parachuted ⁢into a North Charleston neighborhood on Sunday afternoon. The pilot, whose name has not been released, is currently ⁤in stable⁤ condition at a‌ hospital.

General Eric Smith, the‍ acting commandant of the​ Marine⁢ Corps, has temporarily suspended air operations for the Marine Corps for the next two days‍ following this incident. This marks ⁢the third such incident in recent weeks, and ⁢the cause of the latest crash remains unknown as the marine corps conducts their investigation.

“The mishap is currently‍ under investigation, and we are unable to provide additional details​ to preserve the integrity of the investigative process,” the Marine Corps⁤ said in a news release.

During this investigation, the‌ Marine Corps‍ plans to ⁢use the suspension ‍of⁤ air operations to⁣ reinforce safe ⁤flying procedures with their pilots.

“This pause invests time and energy in reinforcing the Marine aviation⁤ community’s established policies, practices, and procedures in the interests of public safety, ⁢protecting our ​Marines and⁣ sailors, and ensuring the Marine Corps remains a ready and highly-trained fighting force,”⁤ the Marine Corps said.

The news⁤ release did not mention the two previous incidents. However, in August, three Marines lost their lives when‍ a V-22B Osprey aircraft crashed during an‍ exercise in Australia. Additionally, a Marine pilot tragically died in San Diego after an F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet‌ crashed near the Marine Corps Air Station‍ Miramar during flight ⁣training in late August.

The jet involved in the recent South Carolina incident was ⁣an FB-35B Lightning II aircraft belonging to Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, which trains pilots to meet ​annual training requirements.

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How will the recovery of the wreckage contribute to improving the safety⁤ and performance of the F-35 fighter jet?

Ne Corps stated.

The F-35 fighter jet is a multirole stealth aircraft that is used by the United States‍ and several other countries. It is considered to⁤ be one of the most⁤ advanced ⁤fighter jets ‍in the world, with capabilities for air-to-air combat, ground attack, and reconnaissance missions.

The discovery of the missing jet is a relief for the military, as it ⁢allows them to potentially ‌uncover the cause of the crash and learn from it to prevent similar incidents ​in the future.

As investigations continue, the Marine Corps and other⁤ branches of the military‌ will work together to determine what went wrong and if there are any⁢ necessary changes or improvements that need to be made to ensure the ‍safety of their pilots and aircraft.

Additionally, the recovery‌ of the wreckage⁤ will provide valuable information for ⁢engineers ⁣and manufacturers to analyze and make any necessary modifications to​ improve the overall safety and performance of the F-35 fighter jet.

It is worth noting that‌ this incident is not the first involving​ the F-35 fighter jet. In recent years, there‍ have been other crashes and issues with the aircraft that have raised concerns about its reliability and safety.

However, it is important to remember that flying military aircraft is inherently risky, and incidents​ can occur even with the most⁤ advanced technology and training.

The military will continue ‌to ⁣investigate this incident and take ⁣the necessary‌ steps to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their aircraft. The lessons learned from⁣ this crash will help⁤ improve the training,‍ maintenance, and operation of the F-35 fighter ⁣jet, and ultimately contribute ‌to the continuous advancement of military aviation.

In the​ meantime, the Marine⁣ Corps‍ and other​ branches⁢ of the military will remain⁤ vigilant in their efforts to safeguard the lives ‍of their pilots and the security of their aircraft.

The recovery​ and investigation process‍ will take time, ​but the military remains⁤ committed to providing⁤ answers and taking appropriate actions to ‍prevent future incidents.

This incident ⁣serves as a reminder of the risks and‍ sacrifices that military personnel take to protect their countries, and it highlights the importance of ongoing research and ​development to enhance ⁣the safety and performance of military aircraft.

As the investigation into this crash ​continues, it is hoped that valuable lessons will be learned and applied to prevent similar incidents in the future, ensuring the safety and effectiveness ‌of military operations worldwide.

It⁢ is important to recognize the dedication and ⁤professionalism of the military personnel involved in the search and recovery efforts, as well as the ongoing commitment to safety and security in military aviation.

With each incident, the military gains ​valuable knowledge and experience to better protect and support their personnel, and to continue serving their countries⁣ with⁤ honor and integrity.

While this incident is a‌ sobering reminder of the risks associated with ‌military ⁢aviation, it also highlights the resilience and determination of the men and women who serve ​in the‍ armed forces.

Their unwavering commitment to duty, their⁤ willingness ⁣to put themselves in harm’s way, and their ability to learn and adapt from incidents like this are what ensure the strength and success of the ​military.

As the recovery and investigation ​continue, ⁤let us take a moment to honor the bravery and dedication of the military personnel involved, and to remember the importance of their service in protecting our nations and preserving our ​freedom.


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