David DePape’s lawyers aim to relocate trial from San Francisco.

Nancy Pelosi and her husband ​Paul Pelosi. (Photo by STEFANI ⁤REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory

11:02 AM – Thursday, July 20, 2023

Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was reportedly beaten with a hammer last year during a home invasion ⁣in ‍San Francisco, California. David DePape, a “hemp jewelry maker” originally from Powell River, British⁤ Columbia, was arrested ‌on October 28th in connection with‌ the unsuspecting attack. ⁣


DePape has since pled not guilty‌ to charges of burglary, elder abuse, and attempted murder.

His defense‌ team is requesting that the trial be ⁢moved to Eureka, Oregon, claiming there is a ​likely chance ​that a San Francisco jury would be​ biased against DePape since Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has represented⁢ the city since 1987.

Attorneys for the man charged in last year’s attack on former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s⁤ husband are pushing for his ⁤federal ⁤trial to be relocated out of San Francisco, claiming that the tremendous attention and liberal bias​ will prevent him from receiving a fair trial.

DePape is due in federal court on ⁢Wednesday, and his‌ defense team‍ will petition the judge to relocate the trial to Eureka, Oregon. The federal trial is⁢ scheduled to begin on November 13th.

Jodi Linker and Angela Chuang, his federal public defenders, claimed that media coverage of the case in the San Francisco Bay Area has polluted the pool of jurors. According to a ‌study they conducted, many potential jurors already‌ feel he is guilty ‍of the⁤ charges without even hearing his perspective.

Prosecutors‌ say DePape‌ broke into the Pelosis’ San Francisco home ⁤on Oct. ⁢28th and battered her 83-year-old husband ‍Paul with a hammer instead of kidnapping the former ⁢speaker, who was out of town at the time. The political world was shocked by the violent footage of ⁤the incident, as well as Paul Pelosi’s strange 9-1-1 phone call to ​police where he originally said​ he would not ​need back up while slurring his words. ⁣

In addition to pleading not⁣ guilty to federal charges of trying ‌to abduct a government ⁢official and injuring a family member of a federal official, he pleaded not ⁤guilty to state crimes such as attempted murder,⁢ burglary, and elder abuse. He is still ​being ‌held without bail.

After a California court dismissed prosecutors’⁢ attempts to keep the incident secret. Footage⁣ of‌ the attack was made public ⁤in January.

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