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Border Wall Enables Daring Rescue in ‘Sound of Freedom’

Daring Rescue‌ Depicted in ‘Sound of Freedom’ Was All Thanks ⁤to ​the‌ Border Wall

As⁣ the ⁢credits⁢ role ​at the end of every​ “Sound of Freedom” screening, audiences are ‌given a special ​message​ from the⁤ film’s ‍star, Jim Caviezel. During this‌ address, Caviezel makes ⁣a ‌point to emphasize who the⁣ real hero of the​ story is.

The actor ‌explains it isn’t ‌Tim ​Ballard, the real-life character ⁤he plays. Rather, the ‍true heroes‌ are Miguel and Rocío, the brother and ‌sister depicted throughout the film fighting to find ⁢freedom⁢ and⁢ each⁢ other ⁤after‍ being⁢ sold ​into⁢ sex slavery.

Toward‍ the film’s‌ beginning, ​Ballard’s rescue‌ of⁤ Miguel is depicted exactly⁤ as ‌it ⁤happened ​in real‍ life.

One of the boy’s ⁣traffickers attempted to drive him north across the ⁣U.S.-Mexico border at‌ a‌ port‌ of entry‌ but⁣ was caught during a routine​ check.

As it turns out, if⁤ not‌ for the⁤ border ‍wall, Miguel⁤ might never ‌have been saved.

Ballard himself made ​this point clear​ while speaking to Congress four ⁢years ago.

In‌ his testimony​ before​ the Senate‍ Judiciary Committee⁤ on March 6, 2019, ⁢the founder⁤ of Operation Underground ‌Railroad​ derided politicians‌ opposed to ⁣the ​idea of​ a border wall.

According ​to Ballard,⁤ the very same people ⁤often point ‌to ‌drug seizures ⁤and⁢ rescues of trafficking‍ victims at ports of entry ⁤in​ order‍ to‍ say, “See,⁢ we don’t need walls or barriers‌ … the ⁤bad ⁢guys come through ports of ​entry.”

“In fact, we don’t ‍have ‍ports ‍of entry without walls,” he said.

Ballard ​then talked​ about‌ the ‍arrest ​of Earl Buchanan at ⁢a border⁢ port of entry, aka⁣ Miguel’s ‌rescue.

“The walls ⁤are the thing‌ that⁤ compelled ⁢Buchanan to‍ take that child ⁤into the port of entry⁣ in the first place. From ⁤his ‍vantage ⁤point ‍on ⁣the night⁤ of​ July⁢ 3, 2006, with⁤ this poor slave child captive in his van, he only had one choice: the port of entry,” ​Ballard said.

“And that was thanks to the⁢ border wall that existed⁣ where he happened⁤ to‍ be working ⁣his evil works. … In the⁤ end, the boy was liberated and Buchanan ⁣was locked up.”

Ballard​ juxtaposed the‍ story‍ of Miguel’s rescue with the⁣ story of another ⁣sex ‌trafficking victim,⁤ a girl he referred to⁢ as “Lily.”

Originally trafficked into⁤ sex ⁤slavery ⁢south of the border, Lily was brought up ‌north into ‍the ​United States through a part of the border without any barrier.

“Lily’s‍ traffickers​ easily transported ⁢her to New⁣ York​ City,‌ where she‌ was raped between 30 ⁢and⁣ 40 times‌ a ⁢day.​ … ​She ⁣believes⁤ that she alone‍ was raped over‌ 20,000 ⁢times between the age ​of 13⁢ and 17 ‍right here⁣ in​ our country,” ‌Ballard said.

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“She eventually escaped, and my foundation ⁤is now caring for her as she prepares to ⁤testify ⁣in federal court​ against her captors.”

“Recounting her experience … Lily ‌has ​often asked me​ a ⁣simple ​yet powerful question: ‘Why was⁢ there⁤ no wall or⁢ barrier on the southern border for​ me? A barrier would have⁤ saved me.’”

Ever ⁤since‍ Donald Trump first made⁢ building a wall at the southern‍ border ​a⁤ central issue ‍in U.S. politics during the 2016 presidential campaign, liberals⁢ have vehemently opposed the idea.

Some argue the building ‌of a wall ‍is inherently discriminatory, ⁣while others‌ claim it to be completely ‍ineffective, given⁢ the‍ fact that migrants could ⁢simply ⁢use ladders ⁤and‍ ropes to scale ‍any wall.

For example, the video ⁣below‍ went viral‍ and was passed⁣ off by many​ liberals as an​ example of why the⁢ wall is ‍apparently useless.

However, as⁣ Republican⁣ Rep. ​Sam Graves⁤ of Missouri noted, there’s more to the story.‍ The suspect ⁤depicted in the video did not escape.​ Thanks to how much the wall​ slowed⁣ him ​down, along with the wall’s ‌detection technology, Border Patrol agents were able to ‌arrive and apprehend ⁣him.

Liberals can say‌ whatever they want about the border wall,⁣ but those who ‍know⁣ the⁣ specifics ⁣of ⁢border enforcement, men and ‍women ⁤like ​Tim Ballard, have time and again ‌affirmed⁣ the‍ significant, positive impact the border⁤ wall has⁢ on their efforts.

If ‌not for the border wall, Miguel‍ might ⁣never have been ​saved —‌ and if only more⁤ of ⁤a wall had been built, perhaps‍ Lily would not have ⁢been raped tens ‍of ⁢thousands of times.

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