Bongino speaks out about leaving Fox News.

Dan Bongino Breaks Silence on Fox News Departure

Former Fox News host Dan Bongino has finally spoken out about the details surrounding his departure from the cable news network. In an interview with Megyn Kelly on SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show, Bongino revealed that he chose to walk away from his Saturday night show on the network to prioritize his family.

Not Fired, but Chose to Leave

Bongino clarified that he was not fired, but rather, he personally negotiated his contract and had a different vision for his role at the network. He also debunked rumors that Fox News got rid of him, saying that the network was actually eager to re-up his show and that they negotiated for an entire year.

Regrets and Mistakes

Kelly expressed regret that Fox News allowed Bongino to walk away, especially in light of the ratings dip following Tucker Carlson’s departure. Bongino agreed and even admitted that he thought Fox News made an enormous catastrophic mistake in letting Carlson go. He emphasized the need for a healthy, conservative alternative to mainstream media and acknowledged that having a show on Fox or Newsmax is still nice.

Freedom and Success

Bongino also shared that his success with other shows and platforms gave him the freedom to walk away from a show on Fox. He can still be heard on his podcast and iHeart radio show, The Dan Bongino Show, which also streams on Rumble.

Final Thoughts

Despite his departure from Fox News, Bongino remains a prominent conservative voice and continues to engage with his audience through various media platforms. As he and Kelly both agreed, a healthy, conservative alternative to mainstream media is crucial in today’s political climate.

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