Daily Feed 8/31/2023: Latest news

OAN’s Tom McGrath
5:26 PM – Thursday, August 31, 2023

Brian Kemp shoots down a special session, Trump pleads Not Guilty and⁤ Joe Biggs is ​sentenced in connection to J6.


Brian Kemp shoots down a special session, ‍Trump pleads Not Guilty and Joe Biggs is sentenced in connection to J6.

A new Docuseries called ‘Death County and The River of Broken Dreams’ examines⁤ the dangers plaguing the U.S. Mexico border.‍ Jessamyn⁣ Dodd reports.`

As anti-Semitism is on the rise in the ‍U.S., Michelle ⁤Lubin Terris who is the founder of Jexit, Jews ⁣exiting the Democrat Party, says this is the time Christians and Jews to unite.

In an exclusive interview, California Congressman and House Judiciary Committee member Darrell Issa says⁣ House Speaker Kevin ‍McCarthy may open an⁣ impeachment ‌inquiry into Joe Biden⁢ and ​his son Hunter.

By Josh Ye and​ Urvi Manoj Dugar (Reuters) -At ​least three Chinese tech firms including Baidu, Baichuan Intelligent Technology and Zhipu AI…

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) firms Baichuan Intelligent Technology and Zhipu AI on Thursday opened their AI large language models…

(Reuters) –​ Alphabet’s Google said on Wednesday it introduced generative artificial‌ intelligence to​ its Search tool for users in India and Japan…

By Zaheer Kachwala‍ (Reuters) -Salesforce raised its annual revenue forecast on Wednesday and projected quarterly sales above estimates as it benefits from…

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