Daily Feed 11/22/23: Latest news

OAN’s Tom McGrath
5:43 PM ⁢– Wednesday, November 22,​ 2023

A car explodes on Niagara Falls’ Rainbow Bridge, Anti-Globalism ⁢wins in the Netherlands and Joe Biden celebrates⁢ Thanksgiving.

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A car explodes on Niagara‌ Falls’ Rainbow Bridge, Anti-Globalism ‌wins in the Netherlands⁣ and Joe Biden ‍celebrates Thanksgiving

Elon Musk follows through with his⁢ promise, ​filing what he called a ‘thermo-nuclear lawsuit’ against Media Matters.

For the first‍ time​ since⁣ ‘Reconstruction’​ ended in 1877, Charleston, South⁢ Carolina‍ elects a Republican as ⁣mayor.‍

While the Biden Administration boasts about ‌lowering gas prices ahead of Thanksgiving‍ weekend, things may not be ⁤all that they seem.

Sam Altman’s return as OpenAI’s chief​ executive will​ strengthen his grip on the startup and may leave ⁣the ChatGPT creator ⁢with fewer checks on his power.

EU lawmakers agreed to draft rules requiring Google, Meta ⁢and other online services to identify and remove online child ​pornography.

4:19 PM UTC – November 22, 2023 (Reuters) – Nvidia (NVDA.O) shares fell nearly 4%‍ on Wednesday ⁤on fears that widening U.S.…

Sam⁤ Altman’s return as ⁢CEO of OpenAI caps a ⁤frenzied​ discussion‍ about the future of ⁣the startup at the center of an ⁤artificial intelligence boom.

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Remember, it is important⁣ to respect copyright ​laws and ethical⁣ practices when trying to access articles.

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