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Cuba aids China’s anti-US aggression, no surprises there.

After first denying the obvious, the Biden administration finally admitted China has been spying on the United States from its facilities in Cuba. Then followed the administration’s staid responses claiming this was an “inherited” problem.

Well, if the Biden administration knew it inherited the problem, why has nothing been done about it for two years?

The answer is that China has used Cuba as an espionage base for decades. Even before the Trump administration, Chinese facilities on the island were continuously upgraded with sophisticated equipment, and Chinese military personnel were openly visible. Ask any one of the tens of thousands that have escaped the Marxist dystopia — they will tell of myriad Chinese military operatives infesting the island.

To the American media and nearly every administration since Kennedy, Cuban aggression against the United States seems to be something new and surprising, eliciting feigned shock. However, the Biden administration, their puppet advocates (the media), and those in Congress — enamored with the monsters tyrannizing the island — are once again exposed as frauds via a topical history lesson: This latest aggression by the Chinese is nothing new.

In 1962, at the height of the Cold War, Cuba allowed the Soviets to stage strategic nuclear missiles on the island, producing the episode and surrounding drama known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Even though the medium-range Soviet missiles at the center of the standoff were removed from Cuba, it has since been revealed that the Russians also used the island to house short-range tactical weapons at the time of the crisis that the U.S. did not know about.

History also reveals Cuba’s direct tyrannical aggression against the United States. By ordering gunfire upon American aircraft, Fidel Castro ultimately ordered the murder of American USAF Maj. Rudolf Anderson — the pilot who captured surveillance photos of the developing Soviet missile stations on Cuba — in October 1962.

A few years before the Cuban Missile Crisis, in order to protect his anti-democratic rule on the inside, Castro also ordered the 20-year imprisonment and torture of Comandante Huber Matos for his efforts to expose Catsro’s tyrannical intentions. Further still, in 1989, the state drug cartel in Cuba, i.e. the military, executed Gen. Arnaldo Sánchez to camouflage Fidel and Raul Castro’s involvement in trafficking cocaine into the United States. And in the 1990s, as U.S. citizens Armando Alejandre Jr., Carlos Costa, Mario de la Pena, and Pablo Morales attempted a humanitarian rescue mission of Cuban refugees, the Cuban air force used Soviet MIGS to shoot them down over international waters. 

Cuba’s war against America has even come to American soil: In Miami, Cuban intelligence officers Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, and René González were found guilty of conspiracy to commit espionage, and Hernández was also found guilty of attempted murder.

Cuba’s affronts against the United States are interminable — and those are only the ones we know of. This aggression is far from ancient history. Even this month, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was on a state visit to Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela with the hopes of strengthening relations between these anti-democratic and anti-American nations.

What about the domestic Marxist argument that the famed embargo explains Cuba’s serial malevolence against Americans? Like Santa Claus, the embargo is a fairy tale that serves a moralistic purpose: to obfuscate the Cuban dictatorship’s stupidity, corruption, and evil by blaming the U.S. for the murder and torture of Cubans over the last six decades.

This embargo fiction — promulgated by the Marxists in Cuba and parroted by the worldwide Marxist movement (most notably here in the U.S.) — has been repeatedly regurgitated as a war against the Cuban people. 

However this so-called “war” is, as George Orwell correctly described, “…waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact.”

Create a fake enemy (the U.S.), blitz a marketing campaign about a war (the embargo), and there is a strawman argument empowering the Cuban dictatorship. Hence, the modus operandi of the Cuban fascists is to promulgate fake reasons for a fake war to profit from those countries that seek to destroy the U.S.

Cuba will continue to partner with enemies of America until the miscreants running (and ruining) the country are obsoleted. Until then, the Biden administration and its successors will be threatened by violent enemies disguised as immediate neighbors. But, as proven, these neighbors are already in our house.

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