Crenshaw to Newsmax: GOP, Even Trump, Hasn't Cared About Fiscal Responsibility

The “real problem” with getting a budget passed in Congress is in America, because “Americans don’t care about fiscal responsibility,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw told Newsmax Saturday. 

This includes the Republican Party, which “hasn’t cared about it for the past four years,” including former President Donald Trump, the Texas Republican told Newsmax’s Saturday Report.”

“Trump never cared about it,” Crenshaw said. “We need to be frank about that. We need to start caring about it again.”

He also claimed that Democrats have had a habit of not being able to pass a comprehensive budget out of the Budget Committee “because they’re embarrassed” by what they’re trying to pass.

His comments come as President Joe Biden on Friday announced his call for a $6 trillion federal budget, and Crenshaw pointed out that that figure is in addition to calls for an infrastructure spending bill that is hovering at around a $1 trillion price tag. 

“(We had) a multi-trillion dollar bill that we shouldn’t have had back in January and now we have skyrocketing inflation,” said Crenshaw. “That infrastructure plan is very wasteful in and of itself, mostly because it has little to do with infrastructure, very small percentages for roads and bridges and highways.”

Crenshaw said he can back money on traditional infrastructure, but not “ridiculous things like massive tax credits for green energy. I like green energy, too, but I want green energy that works no matter what kind of weather.”

But the failure to pass a budget, he added, “comes down to our American culture.”

“Trump never cared,” said Crenshaw. “He didn’t even claim that he cared. (Former House Speaker) Paul Ryan did. People call him a RINO all the time, but I think it’s ridiculous. He actually cared about the budget He proposed budgets that were balanced, right?”

Americans must also stop believing that the government is there to “bribe” them, and to be ready to have an “adult conversation” about programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid,” he said 

“These programs are what’s driving our debt massively, and they’re running out of money,” said Crenshaw. “If you don’t touch them, it’s actually the same as saying you’re going to kill them. So when there were campaign promises made, saying ‘I’m not going to touch them’ and everybody cheered, I was like, that’s the same as saying you’re going to kill these programs. They’re going insolvent.”

Crenshaw, a Navy veteran who lost his right eye and suffered damage to his left eye in 2012 after a homemade bomb exploded when he was deployed to Afghanistan, also said Saturday that there is a difference in his approach to legislators who are also fellow veterans. 

“The Democrats who are veterans, I can approach much more easily because there is that common bond,,” he said. “They have a better understanding of foreign affairs. They understand where the nuances are as opposed to what I hear from a lot of politicians on both sides, which is just sloganeering.”

Crenshaw recently underwent surgery on his remaining eye and said he’s still recovering. 

“I still don’t see very well, but it’s looking like I will get back to my normal state, which is correctable vision,” he said. “People don’t realize that I’m very blind because of the blast … I just don’t act like somebody who is visually impaired, but I’m very visually impaired. It’s correctable, and I’m hoping to get back to that.”

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