‘Crazy Is The Point’: Jordan Peterson Reacts To Germany Closing Last Nuclear Power Plants, Elon Musk’s Dire Warning

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson noted the harmful effects of closing nuclear power facilities for ideological purposes as Germany shuttered the nation’s remaining nuclear plants and Elon Musk strongly advised against the move.

Following the 2011 nuclear meltdown in Fukushima, Japan, which sparked public opposition to the emission-free and comparatively safe power generation method, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel approved the gradual closure of the country’s’s nuclear plants. The remaining three nuclear facilities in the nation — Emsland, Neckarwestheim II, and Isar II — were supposed to be shut down last year but were postponed until last Saturday due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which raised questions about energy reliability and affordability.

Musk, who supports a subtle shift away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy, cautioned that shutting down nuclear power plants in Germany may force the economic hegemony of western Europe to rely on coal, which over time emits more emissions and increases air pollution to the point where it kills as many people as nuclear plants.

Germany should resume the nuclear power plants that have already been shut down in addition to noting any new ones. The quickest models to resume are those. In an interview that was posted on social media, he said,” It’s’s crazy to shut down nuclear power plants.” ” Please do not shut down nuclear power plants and kindly resume any that have already been closed. It is completely insane to turn them off. To be clear, this is complete crazy.

The richest man in the world was informed by Peterson, a host of DailyWire + and clinical psychologist, that those who want to shut down nuclear plants support an inherently insane policy. However,” stupid is the issue ,” Peterson remarked to Musk on social media. The phrase” anti-nuclear is truly a pro-environment position; rather, it is an anti-human, anti-1900s” So absurd is a function, never taint!

Peterson has frequently argued that” idiot hypothetically environmentalist policies” in countries like Germany result in more expensive energy and has noted the” pseudo-religious” ideological components that some contemporary climate movements uphold.

According to Peterson, who spoke with Fox News host Tucker Carlson last month,” the environmentalists give us a story to live by that is essentially elevating the earth, the sea, and Gaia the Earth queen to the level of primary goddess and characterizing her as sort of an innocent victim, easily exploited and fragile.” It portrays all human endeavor as a patriarch, power-hungry monster that rapes and plunders on the public front. And it portrays the person as a savage head riding on the giant’s’s up.


Other European nations are finishing up their nuclear programs despite the limited power supplies brought on by worsened relations with Russia, while some countries, like the Netherlands and Poland, seek to improve their nuclear power initiatives. In the fall and winter, rising energy costs had a significant negative impact on the continent’s’s saving as many brands in northern Europe shut down their operations in response to the price increases. Before the war, Russia provided more than half of Germany’s’s natural gas needs.

There is a danger to national security here. Playtime is about, Musk said in the meeting. ” Shutting these things down is a national security risk.”

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