New Mexico Governor suspends Second Amendment due to ‘public health emergency’ in Covid Playbook Redux.

Democrat ​Governor Suspends Second Amendment Rights ​in New Mexico

Under the guise of a “public health emergency,” Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan ⁣Grisham attempted to unilaterally suspend the Second Amendment rights of New Mexicans.​ This controversial move has sparked outrage and debate‌ across the state.

Suspension of Concealed and Open-Carry

In a surprising executive⁤ order, Governor Grisham announced a 30-day suspension⁣ of concealed​ and open-carry in‌ Bernalillo County, the ‌most⁣ populated region in New‌ Mexico. This​ decision comes after three recent ‍shootings in the area, which the governor cited as​ justification for ⁤the⁣ temporary suspension.

Grisham’s press release stated, “The time⁤ for standard measures ⁣has ⁢passed. ‍When New Mexicans are​ afraid⁤ to be in crowds,‌ to​ take their kids to⁤ school, to leave a baseball⁢ game ‌— when their very right to exist ⁢is ‌threatened by‌ the⁤ prospect of‍ violence at every turn, it’s appropriate‍ to suspend their⁤ right to defend‍ themselves.”

Elite Hypocrisy and Constitutional Concerns

This⁢ is ⁢not the first ⁢time ⁢Governor Grisham has faced criticism for her actions. During ⁤the ‌coronavirus lockdowns, she infamously opened a jewelry store for personal shopping while “non-essential” businesses were⁢ closed. This history of elite hypocrisy has only fueled the backlash against her latest order.

Legal experts and politicians from​ both sides of the⁢ aisle have raised concerns about‍ the constitutionality of​ the governor’s actions. Amy⁤ Swearer, a senior legal fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, called the order “completely unconstitutional” and pointed out the illogical nature of disarming law-abiding citizens while criminals remain⁤ armed.

Even Democrats, such as California Rep. Ted Lieu and anti-Second Amendment activist David Hogg,⁢ have criticized the governor’s order, emphasizing that no state can suspend ⁢the federal Constitution.

Legal Challenges and Calls for ⁤Impeachment

The National Association for⁤ Guns Rights ‍wasted no time in filing a lawsuit against the state, arguing ​that the “public health” order violates Americans’⁤ constitutional rights. Additionally, two New​ Mexico state lawmakers have called for Governor Grisham’s impeachment in response to her controversial⁣ decision.

Tristan Justice is the western correspondent‍ for The Federalist and‍ the ⁢author​ of Social Justice ‍Redux, a conservative newsletter on culture,⁢ health, and wellness. He has ⁤also written ‍for The ‍Washington Examiner and The Daily Signal. His work has also been featured in Real Clear Politics ‌and Fox‌ News. Tristan⁣ graduated from George Washington University where he majored⁢ in political science and minored in journalism. Follow him ⁣on Twitter ⁣at @JusticeTristan or ⁤contact him ⁢at [email protected]. ‌Sign up for ‌Tristan’s email newsletter here.

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