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“Cousin Eddie” Christmas Vacation Display Prompts Neighbors to Call the Cops

Residents in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, were alarmed when they saw “Cousin Eddie” on a neighbor’s lawn and police were called to investigate.

A dispatcher described the scene to officers on their way to the scene as a man standing outside a home who did not appear to be wearing any clothes, according to reports.

“He has a robe covering part of his body. He is exposing himself, and he has a hose between his legs,” the dispatcher continued.

When officers pulled up to the house, they found a mannequin dressed as the character Cousin Eddie from the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

A photo shows the mannequin wearing a winter hat, a short white robe, and black socks with what appears to be a beer can in one hand:

In the film, character Clark Griswold is on a mission to give his family the perfect Christmas experience, but things soon fall apart when Cousin Eddie and his family arrive with their camper, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

A clip from the movie shows him standing outside the family’s home “emptying a chemical toilet into my sewer,” Clark Griswold says as he peers out his window.

“Shitter was full!” Cousin Eddie explains while holding an orange tube:

[embedded content]

Meanwhile, homeowner Joni Keeney told reporters the display was supposed to amuse those who passed by the house, and acknowledged the fact that everyone has a “Cousin Eddie” in their family.

“I just want people to have a good Christmas and get a laugh,” she stated.

Officers at the scene did find it amusing and reportedly snapped some photos of the decoration while Shepherdsville Police Chief Rick McCubbin said, “Never a dull moment.”

In December 2020, a man dressed up as Cousin Eddie was recorded using a flamethrower to melt the snow off his driveway in Kentucky:

[embedded content]

He took “a few sips of his beer, turned on his flamethrower, and got to work,” a Fox 59 reporter said.

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