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Country music star loses it after fan flips off his child at concert.

Country music star Chris Janson went ballistic after a concert-goer flipped the bird to his kid after the performer had called his son to join him on stage to sing his song “The Reel Bass Pro.”

The 37-year-old country singer was performing in Minnesota over the weekend at Kick’n Up Kountry Festival. At one point, he brought his 9-year-old son on stage to sing. Janson’s son was on stage and Janson was in the background when someone flipped off the country singer’s kid, Whiskey Riff reported.

“You flip me off again and I’m gonna whip your f***in a** myself, and that’s the truth,” Janson told the person in the crowd. “I’m not playing another note until he gets the f*** out of this concert…”

“Yeah yeah yeah, tough guy, get out,” he added. “You’re out. You’re out. Get the f*** out of here. Backwards hat. Backwards hat. Get him out of this whole festival. You’re gone baby. You’re gone. F*** you.”

After things calmed down, the “Buy Me A Boat” hitmaker said he never cusses in front of kids or loses his cool, but that person had pushed him too far.

“Everybody in this whole place has been amazing,” Janson said. “I never raise my voice and I never cuss in front of kids, especially my own, but I will never put up with some punk flipping my kid off. I don’t ever lose my cool like that, but I was just sick and tired of it. I’d had enough. That’s it.”

The country musician then called on the crowd to “raise” their “hand if you’re ok with” how he handled the person, and the crowd of music fans raised their hands and cheered.

One fan later tweeted, “[janson_chris] great show at Kickin up Country!!!! Thanks for kicking the dirt bag out also!!! Boy rocked the stage!!! Happy Father’s day!!!”

Janson replied, “Thank You. Appreciate the message.”

Another person wrote, “Glad to see you stop and address the issue. Don’t let one person ruin your opinion of us all. Great show!!!”

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