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Country songwriter slams wokeness in new song: ‘I’m voicing your thoughts’

Country Musician Takes a Stand Against Toxic Wokeness in New Single

Country music songwriter Wynn Varble has released a new single, “I’m Just Sayin’,” co-written with Mike Loudermilk for singer Austin Moody. The ballad rebukes the indoctrination of college students and the destructive left-wing riots and crime waves that have infested Democrat-run cities across the nation.

“Everyone who hears this song will know that it was written in response to the fact that we’ve had enough,” Moody told Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow on Monday.

The song begins with plain-spoken lyrics that paint a dystopian picture of a nation being ripped apart by corrosive left-wing demagoguery:

“They’ve torn Portland all to pieces, let Chicago go to hell.
There’s people leaving New York City like they rang the fire bell.
They call themselves enlightened but cancel those who don’t agree.
I wish all these folks who claim they’re woke would just go back to sleep.”

The chorus goes:

“I’m just sayin.’ Have we all lost our minds?
I’m just sayin.’ Where do we draw the line?
I know y’all think it takes balls to be singing what I’m singing.
But I’m just saying, I’m just saying what you’re thinking.”

At one point, the lyrics state: “No offense, but common sense is the direction that I’m leaning.” Another verse takes a veiled jab at the transgender agenda being rabidly rammed down everyone’s throats:

“I believe in live and let live.
We’re all free, to each their own.
If you were born a he but wanna be a she,
Do your thing but leave my kids alone.”

Varble co-wrote “I’m Just Sayin'” after talking to his longtime colleague Loudermilk about the alarming devolution of the United States because of pernicious “wokeness.”

“We got to talking about all this woke stuff and how it’s just tearing this whole country apart and we just wrote it,” he told Breitbart.

Varble said he’s also disturbed by the woke invasion of country music and its infestation of Nashville, the country music capital of the world.

“Nashville in the last couple of decades, it’s been turning a little more to the left,” he noted.

Varble said country music should not alienate its core audience by bending the knee to woke mobs that demand submission.

“I think country music has to sing to their audience,” he told Breitbart. “They can get as woke as they want to get, but if the common country music folks don’t want to hear that, they’re just spinning their wheels. You gotta sing to your audience. That’s common sense.”

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Country Music Songwriter Blasts Wokeness in New Single: ‘I’m Just Sayin”

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Country music songwriter Wynn Varble has released a new single that takes aim at the left’s woke culture. In “I’m Just Sayin’,” Varble calls out the left’s contempt for conservatives and their attempts to brainwash children. The song is an ode to common sense that encapsulates how many Americans feel at this twisted juncture in our history. As Varble astutely observed, “I’m just saying what you’re thinking.”

We send ’em off to college to get ’em educated.
They send ’em back to us indoctrinated.
And how much are we paying?

This disturbing phenomenon was addressed in a verse of “I’m Just Sayin’.” Varble underscored that he respects different viewpoints, but the left’s open contempt for conservatives and its ongoing attempts to brainwash children is a bridge too far.

Join the conversation and let us know if you agree with the message of “I’m Just Sayin'”.

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