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Chicago suburb councilman requests wealthy residents to house illegal immigrants

Naperville Councilman Calls ⁤on Residents to Welcome Illegal ⁤Immigrants‍ into Their Homes

A city ⁣councilman in​ the affluent Chicago‌ suburb of Naperville is urging residents to open their doors​ to illegal immigrants as the migrant crisis continues to devastate the city. ⁣Councilman Josh McBroom believes ​that ‍relying on taxpayer dollars to ‍house migrants is not a sustainable solution and instead proposes that residents voluntarily offer their homes to those in need.

“We have a very affluent‍ community with ⁣many large homes,” McBroom ⁣stated‍ during ⁤a recent council meeting. “I ⁣would like to create a sign-up sheet for individuals who are willing to house migrant families. If there⁢ are people ‍who are willing to do that, God bless ‌them.”

McBroom emphasizes‌ that he does not support ⁢using public funds to aid ‍migrants and believes that the compassionate nature of the community will⁣ prevail. He suggests that interested residents anonymously contact an email address to be listed as potential hosts‌ for migrants.

While McBroom’s proposal ‌has ‌received support from only four out of eleven council members,​ he remains ⁤hopeful‍ that the generosity of Naperville residents will ​make a difference in the ‍lives of those affected by the migrant crisis.

Key Points:

  • Naperville Councilman Josh McBroom wants residents ⁣to voluntarily host illegal immigrants⁤ in‌ their homes.
  • He believes ⁤using taxpayer ⁣dollars to ‌house⁣ migrants is​ not a viable solution.
  • McBroom suggests‍ creating a sign-up sheet ⁢for interested residents​ to offer ​their ⁢homes.
  • He emphasizes that public ⁣funds should not be used for this purpose.
  • Residents can anonymously contact an email address to ⁢be listed as potential ​hosts.
  • Only four ⁤out of ⁣eleven council members have expressed⁤ support ‍for McBroom’s‌ proposal.

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