Cotton: 'Joe Biden and NATO Leaders Need to Quit Pussyfooting Around'


Friday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) called on President Joe Biden and NATO to “quit pussyfooting around” when it comes to dealing with Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine.

Cotton told Fox News Channel’s “The Faulkner Focus” that the recently announced sanctions “were wholly inadequate.” He called them “not even a half measure” to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Joe Biden and NATO leaders need to quit pussyfooting around,” Cotton emphasized. “You’ve got moms and dads in Ukraine who are making Molotov cocktails to protect their homes and to protect their kids from Russian soldiers, and Joe Biden and NATO leaders are patting themselves on the back for how many Zoom calls they’re having, Harris.”

He continued, “Those sanctions that we announced yesterday were wholly inadequate — not even a half measure. If you want to put real consequences on Vladimir Putin, if you want to make him think twice, we need to sanction his oil and gas exports. I know that Russia has got a lot of leverage over European countries. Well, it’s time for those European countries to recognize the mistakes they’ve made.”

Cotton added that Biden needs to “completely reverse his energy policy” so European countries can lean on the United States or other U.S. partners for natural gas instead of Russia.

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