Cotton: 'Biden Has Not Just Had a Bad Week — He's Had a Bad 52 Weeks'


During an appearance on Monday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Fox News Primetime,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) commented on President Joe Biden’s lackluster performance thus far in his presidency, which is encouraging more people more than ever to register Republican.

Cotton also told host Pete Hegseth that should Republicans retake the U.S. Senate, they would have their differences. However, he said they would be united against Biden’s spending proposals.

“I agree that Joe Biden has not just had a bad week, he’s had a bad 52 weeks,” he said. “A lot of what you see now are the chickens coming home to roost of Joe Biden’s bad decisions going back a year. Look at inflation. For instance, this didn’t just start in July or August or September. It started on the first day of Joe Biden’s presidency when he began to impose more red tape on businesses trying to produce the goods that our economy needs. Or when the Democrats spent $2 trillion wastefully last March. Or look at Vladimir Putin massing hundreds of thousands of troops on the border of Ukraine.”

That didn’t just happen in a vacuum. It happened in the context of Joe Biden’s historic incompetence and weakness last August in the withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Cotton added. “So, Republicans have our differences, to be sure. And we may have more differences if we have more than 50 senators after this election. I’d like to see us have 55 or 56 senators, and we’ll work through those differences. But one thing we are united and you saw on that wasteful spending bill in March with a $5 trillion blowout bill they tried to pass in December. You see now in their federal election takeover is stopping the radical Democratic agenda.”

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