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Release date and trailer announced for ‘Convicting A Murderer’, the highly anticipated response to Netflix’s ‘Making A Murderer’.

DailyWire+ Announces Release Date ‌for “Convicting a Murderer” True Crime Series

DailyWire+ has just released the⁤ official trailer for its highly anticipated 10-part true crime series, “Convicting a⁤ Murderer.” Hosted by the fiery Candace Owens and directed by Shawn Rech, this series is set to captivate audiences when it premieres on September ⁤8.

Setting the Record Straight

In the trailer, Owens boldly declares, “Netflix made millions of dollars from‍ ‘Making a⁣ Murderer,’ but the ⁣filmmakers left out very important details. There ‍are ⁢mountains of evidence that you have not yet seen… ⁢I’m not going ⁣to make the same mistake that the ‌filmmakers​ did. How could they claim to care about the truth?”

With ⁣”Convicting a Murderer,” Owens aims to set the record straight by delving ‍into the blood found​ in the⁢ victim’s vehicle, the infamous key, and other crucial‌ pieces of evidence. This gripping series‌ uncovers shocking, unedited ⁣phone calls and testimonials⁤ that shed light on the untold side of‌ the story ⁣omitted in “Making a‌ Murderer.” ⁣Exclusive⁤ interviews with law enforcement⁤ officers, family members, and dedicated fans-turned-investigators provide unique perspectives on a case that has deeply impacted their lives.

DailyWire+ will​ premiere the first three episodes of “Convicting a Murderer” ‍on September 8. The first two episodes will be available for free, while the ⁢third episode will be ⁢exclusive ‌to DailyWire+ members. Episode one will also be accessible on the DailyWire+ YouTube ‌channel ⁤and X, formerly Twitter. Subsequent episodes will ⁢be released weekly on the subscriber-based streaming service every Thursday.

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