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Contentious Interview With Vivek Ramaswamy Reportedly the “Final Straw” Leading CNN to Fire Don Lemon

Don Lemon’s Interview with Vivek Ramaswamy May Have Sealed His Fate at CNN

Don Lemon’s heated interview with Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy last week may have been the final straw for CNN executives.

Last Wednesday, “CNN This Morning” hosted Ramaswamy to discuss his campaign and views on critical issues. However, the interview quickly went off the rails when Lemon challenged Ramaswamy’s claim that the first gun control laws in American history were enacted after the Civil War to prevent freed slaves from exercising their Second Amendment rights.


Don’t believe the rumors: Tucker Carlson is staying put at Fox News

Tucker Carlson shuts down the rumors, says he is not leaving Fox News

Despite recent speculation, Tucker Carlson has confirmed that he is not leaving Fox News. The popular host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” shut down rumors of his departure, putting fans at ease. Carlson has been a staple of the network for years, and his loyal viewers can rest assured that he will continue to deliver his signature brand of commentary and analysis.

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Engaging Paraphrased Text:

New York Times, the interview was just one piece of a larger problem at CNN. The network has been under fire for weeks after allegations of misogynistic and abusive behavior by Lemon towards his female colleagues were made public.

Defending Lemon

Despite the allegations, CNN has fiercely defended Lemon. However, the network’s response has left many feeling uneasy. Some believe that CNN is more concerned with protecting its star anchor than addressing the serious allegations against him.

Big Tech’s Role

It’s not just CNN that’s under fire. Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter have been accused of limiting the spread of stories that are critical of Lemon and other mainstream media figures. This has led many to question the role that these companies play in shaping the news that we see.

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Don Lemon’s Controversial Moments at CNN

Don Lemon, a former CNN anchor, has had his fair share of controversial moments during his time at the network. One of his most infamous incidents was when he declared that Nikki Haley, a presidential candidate, was past her “prime” at just 51 years old. This caused a tidal wave of backlash online and even led to Lemon being benched from his show and subjected to sensitivity training.

But that wasn’t the only incident. Lemon was also accused of leaving his co-host “rattled” after screaming at her off-camera. These incidents, along with others, led CNN executives to conclude that Lemon’s future at the network was untenable.

According to the New York Times, some guests even refused to appear on air with Lemon, and research found that his popularity with audiences had fallen. It’s no surprise, then, that when Lemon left the show he co-hosted with Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow, they spent less than 40 seconds addressing his departure.

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More from the Times:

In recent weeks, CNN’s bookers had discovered that some guests did not want to appear on the air with Mr. Lemon, and research on the morning show reviewed by CNN executives found that his popularity with audiences had fallen, one of the people said.

New Details Emerge About Don Lemon’s Departure from CNN

Key Details:

  • Don Lemon’s departure from CNN was reportedly due to a heated debate with a GOP guest.
  • CNN executives were left “exasperated” by Lemon’s focus on race during the debate.
  • The incident was the final straw for CNN, which had been growing increasingly frustrated with Lemon’s controversial comments.

According to sources close to the situation, Don Lemon’s departure from CNN was not entirely unexpected. The news anchor had been increasingly controversial in recent months, with many of his comments drawing criticism from both sides of the political aisle.

However, it was a heated debate with a GOP guest that reportedly led to Lemon’s ouster. During the debate, Lemon focused heavily on issues of race, which left CNN executives feeling “exasperated” and frustrated with the anchor’s approach.

While Lemon had been a fixture at CNN for many years, the incident was reportedly the final straw for the network, which had been growing increasingly frustrated with the anchor’s controversial comments and approach to journalism.

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