Constitutional Crisis or Political War

We hear it all the time. We are in a Constitutional Crisis.

The media’s talking heads are apoplectic.

On the liberal Democrat side, we hear that Trump and his followers are trying to overthrow our democracy. DC Democrats have cried out loud that the assault on the Capitol building was nothing less than treason, sedition, and rebellion. They feel Trump is a dictator, an agent of Russia, who has no regard for the Constitution and our laws. Worse, they feel Trump supporters who voted for him are villains, evil, and ignorant and need to be punished.

On the conservative Republican side, we hear that Biden has no idea what is going on, having spent months in his basement, and is controlled by his “handlers”. DC Republicans believe that the Democrats are using a variety of strategies to include identity politics, racism, cancel culture, intersectionality, white supremacy, defunding police, sanctuaries, and pandering to buy votes. The rule of law is ignored with a string of false accusations, baseless charges of Russia collusion, tax fraud, abuse of power, and now, even insurrection all intended to remove a hated President.

In the meantime, Pelosi continues the 4-year siege of Trump’s Presidency starting with the Comey/Mueller mess, nearly a dozen Congressional investigations with accusations involving emoluments, taxes, his Ukraine telephone call, plus his first impeachment for various abuses, and now his second impeachment for “inciting insurrection with domestic terrorists” just a week before he leaves office.

My goodness! The last 4 years have been filled with breathtaking conflict, disruption, and extended legal proceedings, with extensive media hype and all of which have resulted in general disgust by all Americans.

Our political system is failing with corruption, lies, contrived allegations, revenge politics, and hatred.

The Democrats and Hillary led the charge after the shocking and shameful loss to Trump in the 2016 election. It was earth-shattering for the Democrats as they believed they would continue their rightful place atop the US Government to follow in the footsteps of Obama. They wanted to continue their march to a blended capitalist-socialist society.

Trump has an enormous ego, belligerent style, an unforgiving and insensitive attitude, and an action-oriented, results-driven personality with relentless energy. He is brutally frank but very open and transparent. He developed a strong base of middle and working-class folks who feel left out of DC politics which is controlled by East/West Coast elites, the media, celebrities, academia, and liberal billionaires.

It’s perceived that Democrats don’t care about those in “fly-over” country as they have enough population on both coasts.

The issue of race became a national cause celebre which quickly grew out of control during the riots of 2020.

Trump allowed a DC protest to get out of hand with his speech and encouragement.

Neither the 2019 race riots by BLM and ANTIFA nor the protest assault on the Capitol building can be justified. They have immoral equivalence. They are both criminally wrong.

What is important about the 2020 riots is that the rule of law was ignored and enabled by Democrat leaders in a dozen states who were deeply committed to social justice and revolutionary change at any cost.

As bad, the growth of sanctuaries promoted the idea that States can ignore the Federal laws and offer protection for violators. The sanctuaries and movements to legalize selected drugs, empty prisons, not enforce basic misdemeanor crimes, and flaunting the power of leaders using the virus as the excuse to restrict people in their fiefdoms with lockdowns, all generated a basic law of respect for law and order.

Lockdowns gave the power the Governors yearned for and justified by science experts. Unfortunately, they ruined hundreds of thousands of businesses and more lost jobs only to find out lockdowns don’t work any better than other options.

The Republican response was ineffectual at best.

Respect for the rule of law is fundamental to our Constitution. Without enforcement of laws, crime spikes, chaos develops, and the safety of its citizens is sacrificed. No democracy can survive such disrespect.

Aggravating this evolving situation were socialists led by Bernie Sanders who want to have the Federal Government provide free healthcare, free abortions, free college, free legal aid, free housing, free income, and even universal income to all who vote for the Democrat candidates.

Biden admitted in his speech that we have 400,000 deaths from the virus, over 400,000 small and medium businesses closed, and over 18 million unemployed due to pandemic lockdowns.

At the same time, trillions of dollars are being printed as fast as possible to hand out in a multitude of ways, both foreign and domestic. Biden just announced another $1.9 trillion “stimulus” as if the Federal Government can replace an economy and amounts to a national guaranteed income policy.

The clear issues that do affect the Constitution are efforts to rewrite or eliminate the First and Second Amendments (affecting speech, religion, and guns), pack the Supreme Court, create a single payer healthcare system, universal income, open borders for immigrants, and the indiscriminate use of the impeachment process as a revenge strategy for partisan reasons.

We are racing toward the abyss with a National Debt totally out of control.

We have a choice. We can return to our basic values of law and order, evolutionary change, election integrity, financial prudence, and unity as Americans, not based on race, religion, sex, wealth, or privilege, but based on being “Americans”.

We cannot continue with absurd notions that only certain lives matter or that benefits must come based on color or that censorship is good or that our Bill of Rights is obsolete.

We are Americans first. We honor our heritage, our Constitution, our culture. We also strive for equality, constructive change and innovation.

Otherwise, we are broken.



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