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Conservative pundit John Solomon dismisses claims of Trump interview being AI.

A Controversial Interview: Was it Really Trump?

A conservative news network host ⁤has vehemently denied allegations that he fell victim ‌to an elaborate prank during an interview with an artificial intelligence bot posing as former⁤ President Donald Trump.

In ⁢a captivating 17-minute segment ⁤that aired on Thursday night, Trump engaged in a conversation with Real America’s Voice⁣ hosts John Solomon and Amanda Head. However, the audio experienced intermittent disruptions, leading viewers⁣ to question whether the hosts were actually speaking to an AI bot or a mischievous ⁣prankster instead of the ex-president.

Throughout the interview, the voice‍ occasionally became choppy, deviating ⁢from Trump’s familiar tone and cadence. This anomaly sparked‍ widespread speculation on social media. Nevertheless, ⁣the Trump War Room ‌enthusiastically promoted the interview on X, formerly known as Twitter. Trump himself ‍shared a snippet of the interview on his Truth Social⁤ account.

Adding fuel to the fire, the liberal ​news ⁢outlet, the Daily Beast, published an article suggesting that Robert Sigg, the‍ owner of Real America’s Voice, ⁢was launching an investigation into the interview.

Early ⁢Friday morning, Daily Beast reporter Zachary Petrizzo revealed ⁣on⁣ X that Sigg had informed him about the company’s plans⁤ for an internal investigation.

“Robert Sigg, the president of‌ the parent company that owns Real America’s Voice, tells ​me that an ‘internal investigation will be needed’ into whether‌ the network was duped ⁢by a Trump impersonator or Trump AI tonight,” Petrizzo‍ wrote​ in a since-deleted post.

However, Solomon took‌ to X to deny ⁣that the Daily Beast had ‍ever spoken ⁣to Sigg.

“The⁣ Daily Beast has been told ⁤by Real America’s Voice that​ its employees did not interview Rob Sigg, the ⁤quotes attributed to him are false and‍ there is no investigation,” ⁤Solomon wrote. “How⁣ long before @thedailybeast retracts this false and defamatory story concocted from the theater of the absurd.”

Subsequently, the Daily Beast issued a ‌substantial correction at ​the beginning of its article, clarifying that they had only communicated with someone claiming to be Sigg, not Sigg himself.

“A Daily Beast reporter had ⁤a conversation by text with a person who identified themselves as Sigg, on a number public records show was once associated with⁤ Sigg ⁢—⁤ but a spokesperson‍ for Real America’s Voice said that it was not Sigg ‌and is not his current number,” the ‌outlet stated.

Justin Baragona, another Daily Beast reporter involved in the original story, but not mentioned in the corrected version, ⁢also took to X to echo the editor’s note. He confirmed that “Real America’s Voice is now saying that the person claiming to be owner Robert Sigg, who told our reporter ⁣that he would be investigating whether the network was duped​ by a fake Trump ‌interview, is not Sigg.”

Trump’s Bold Statement

During the interview with ​Real America’s Voice, Trump expressed his⁤ belief that congressional Democrats will face mounting pressure to impeach President Joe Biden, whom he frequently⁤ labels as the “most corrupt president‌ in history.”

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