Congressman and Green Beret criticizes Mark Milley, eagerly awaiting his retirement.

Combat Veteran Blasts Outgoing Joint Chiefs Chairman in Fiery Twitter Thread

Representative Mike​ Waltz (R-FL) didn’t hold back in his scathing ⁢criticism of ⁤retiring Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley. Taking aim at a recent article published by The ⁢Atlantic, Waltz ​expressed his frustration with Milley’s legacy and eagerly anticipated his ‌retirement.

The decorated combat veteran, a retired ​Colonel in the Army National Guard ​and former Green⁤ Beret,⁤ didn’t⁣ stop there. He took to X,‌ formerly known as Twitter, to ​outline his concerns‌ about ‍the direction ‌of the U.S. military‍ under Milley’s leadership.

“Under Milley, our military has become politicized and trust in the military is in free fall. His ‘White Rage’⁣ outburst — ‍in uniform — was an enormous disservice​ to our troops as he⁣ defended CRT ​indoctrination, a Marxist theory, before Congress,” Waltz passionately stated.

Waltz didn’t shy away from highlighting what⁢ he saw⁣ as ⁤failures in national security under Milley’s watch, pointing out the disastrous⁤ Afghanistan withdrawal, the recruitment crisis, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He firmly placed Milley alongside President Joe Biden and ​Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ‌in these perceived shortcomings.


What specific actions and statements by Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley prompted Representative Mike‌ Waltz’s scathing critique?

​— Mike Waltz (@michaelgwaltz) September 10, 2021

Representative Mike ‌Waltz of⁤ Florida did not mince words in ⁣his scathing critique of retiring⁤ Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley. In a fiery⁢ Twitter thread, Waltz expressed his⁤ frustration with Milley’s legacy and‍ eagerly ⁤anticipated his retirement.

Waltz’s criticism was sparked by a recent article published by The Atlantic, which he ‌referred to as a “puff piece.” In the ​article, Milley gave an exit interview in⁢ which he reportedly polished his ⁣legacy with the DC media while criticizing elected officials in uniform.

Waltz voiced his‍ disdain for Milley’s approach, stating that the retiring Joint‍ Chiefs ⁤Chairman ⁢had gone beyond his role as a military officer and delved into ⁤the territory of political commentary. This, according to Waltz, was inappropriate and undermined the authority and credibility⁢ of the military.

The Florida⁤ representative emphasized the importance of maintaining the non-partisan nature of‍ the military‌ and ensuring that ⁣military leaders ‍focus solely on their constitutional duty to protect and⁣ defend the nation. Waltz argued that Milley’s remarks in the article crossed that line‌ and demonstrated a lack of ​understanding of the role he was tasked with.

Furthermore,⁢ Waltz accused ‍Milley of displaying‍ a clear bias against elected officials, particularly those who wear the uniform. This ⁣bias, according‌ to Waltz, was evident in the way Milley ⁣chose to criticize elected officials while still in uniform, a move that Waltz deemed ‌unacceptable.

Waltz’s frustration with Milley’s legacy led him to eagerly anticipate the retiring chairman’s departure from his position. He expressed his hope that Milley’s retirement would come as soon ​as ⁤possible, suggesting that it would ​be a positive development for the military ⁤as a whole.

As a combat⁣ veteran himself, Waltz possesses a unique perspective on the implications of Milley’s actions. ​He has experienced firsthand the ⁣sacrifices made by military personnel and understands the trust that the⁣ American⁢ people⁣ place in their military⁣ leaders.

Waltz’s fiery Twitter thread serves ‌as ⁢a reminder of the ‍importance of keeping the military free from political bias and ensuring that military leaders uphold their duty to the nation above​ all​ else. It highlights the need for clear ​boundaries between the military and politics to maintain the integrity of the armed⁤ forces.

In the final analysis, Representative ​Mike Waltz’s scathing criticism of retiring Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley raises important questions about the role​ of military leaders in the realm of politics. It emphasizes the need for military leaders to be ‌vigilant in their adherence to non-partisanship and to prioritize⁤ the defense of⁤ the nation above⁣ any personal political agenda.

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