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Congress Launches Investigation Into George Santos

The House Ethics Committee The House unanimously voted to investigate Rep. George Santos, R.NY. Investigating the multiple false statements Santos made about his past will help to identify a variety of issues.

“Pursuant the Committee’s action the Investigative Subcommittee shall be able to determine whether Representative George Santos: engaged in illegal activity with respect to his 2022 Congress campaign; failed to properly disclosure required information on statements filed to the House; violated federal conflicts of interest laws in relation to his role in a fiduciary firm; and/or committed sexual misconduct towards an individual who sought employment in his congressional offices.” A statement from the Chairman and Ranking Member

Rep. David Joyce (R.OH), will serve as the Chair and Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA) will be the Ranking member. Rep. John Rutherford of Florida and Rep. Glenn Ivey from Maryland are other members of the Subcommittee.

The freshman congressman admitted lying about his past and is currently being investigated by federal and local authorities. He announced last week that his committee assignments would be ending.

Santos: “Due to ongoing attention regarding both my personal as campaign financial investigations, i have requested that Speaker McCarthy temporarily remove me from my committee assignments while I get cleared.” In a statement. “This was a decision I take very seriously.”

He said: “The business of Congress 118th must continue without media hype.” “It is vital that I primarily concentrate on serving New York’s Third Congressional District constituents and providing federal representation without distraction.”

Santos has already admitted He admitted to lying about his work for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs as well as the fact that he didn’t get a college degree. Santos also admitted to exaggerating details about his personal life and religion, as well as his sexuality.

The New York Times reported Brazil’s law enforcement officers announced earlier this month they would “revive fraud charges” Santos will be prosecuted for an incident in 2008 that involved a robbed checkbook.


The report says that the case was suspended because Santos couldn’t be found by law enforcement. Brazilian prosecutors will ask the Department of Justice to notify Santos of the charges.

According to the report Santos was just 19 when he went into a small shop for clothing and spent $700 using a stolen checkbook and his false name. Santos, a Brazilian social media site user, allegedly confessed the fraud in the following year.

According to the report, his mother and he admitted to police to having stolen the checkbook to make fraudulent purchases. Santos was not in America when the charges were filed against him.

According to the report Santos is not able to be reached at this stage by U.S. and Brazilian officials. This could change if the case continues. If convicted, Santos could spend as much as half a century behind bars.

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