Hunter Biden’s daughter falls victim to his latest scam as he plays the role of a con artist.

Hunter Biden’s Pricey Paintings for His Daughter

Hunter Biden’s love for his little daughter in Arkansas knows no bounds. In a recent paternity settlement, he generously gifted her some of his unique Spirograph paintings, which are rumored to be valued at a staggering $500,000.

However, this gift came with a condition. Four-year-old Navy Joan Lunden and her mother had to agree to never use the Biden name and accept a significant reduction in child support payments. It’s not every day that parents receive amateur art from their children, but Hunter’s paintings are far from refrigerator material. They have a thriving market.

Some skeptics argue that the exorbitant prices paid for Hunter Biden’s abstract paintings are merely a way for people to buy influence from his father. They question the legitimacy of the artist himself. Unfortunately, without another laptop mishap, we may never know the identities of the buyers. Nevertheless, the theory holds weight. While Hunter was able to act as a middleman during his father’s time as Vice President, his new role as the President’s son puts him under intense scrutiny. He needs a cover to continue the family business.

Using Hunter’s alleged artworks as a means to legitimize payments to the family business is a clever tactic, likely devised by someone other than a Biden. Hunter can probably churn out these paintings in minutes, and the Bidens can rely on the friendly press to promote the image of Hunter as an artist, clutching a palette pad in front of an easel, battling his inner demons with newfound creativity. However, it’s crucial to remember that there is no secondary market for a signed Hunter Biden. People don’t buy it to display on their walls or impress their friends. It’s nothing more than a ticket stub.

In about 14 years, little Navy Joan will discover this truth when she unearths her signed Hunter Biden paintings from the crawl space and attempts to sell them to fund her college education. Unless she settles for a low offer from someone with a sense of humor, her biological father’s gifts will end up discarded on the curb, like unwanted items at a garage sale.

Hunter Biden’s Dodgy Deal and Reduced Child Support

Before his latest controversial agreement, Hunter Biden was paying a hefty $20,000 per month to support the daughter he and his father never publicly acknowledged. While we now know that Hunter enjoys conducting negotiations from the comfort of a couch in Delaware, with his father by his side, this particular deal was sealed in person during a deposition in Little Rock. For a man who has negotiated with operatives and oligarchs while battling addiction, this was child’s play. He successfully reduced the monthly payments to a more manageable $5,000.

As for the other terms, little Navy gets to keep the paintings, but she must relinquish the Biden name. It’s hard to say which of these two holds less value.

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