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Comer to Issue Subpoenas for Biden Family Following Discovery of 2 Payments to Joe Biden.

Comer Ready‌ to Serve Subpoenas to‌ Biden Family

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer ​(R-Ky.) has ⁢announced his intention to‍ issue subpoenas to members of⁣ President Joe Biden’s family, with ⁢the process expected to begin “in a matter⁤ of days.”

In an ‌interview ​with Newsmax host ⁣Eric Bolling, Mr. Comer⁢ revealed his plans to​ move forward with the subpoenas, stating, “We’ve built a strong case that‌ will hold up in court, including obtaining the personal bank records of the Bidens.”

Recent findings by Mr. Comer have identified two ⁤checks received ‍by Joe Biden during his time as vice president, suggesting his involvement in his family’s business dealings. One check for $40,000 was sent by ‍his brother, James Biden, on September⁣ 3, ⁣2017,​ and another check for ⁤$200,000 was sent​ on ⁢March 1, 2018.

While James Biden claimed these checks were loan repayments, ​Mr. Comer ⁢pointed out that the $200,000 check coincided with a ⁣loan payment received by James Biden from Americore, a⁢ bankrupt rural hospital operator he was involved ⁤with. House Republicans have previously alleged that James Biden used promises of access to a future Biden administration to attract ⁤investors to⁣ Americore.

Mr. Comer also highlighted⁣ a ⁤$40,000 check from a Chinese energy company⁢ to Joe Biden’s⁣ son, Hunter Biden, ⁢which he believes is connected to a series of transactions involving Hunter ⁣Biden’s businesses.

Mr. Comer’s‌ findings are based⁤ on bank records, which indicate that $5 million was sent from‌ an​ affiliate of CEFC ⁢to one of​ Hunter Biden’s business ventures. This money was then transferred to another entity‌ owned by ‌Hunter Biden and eventually ended‍ up in the hands of James Biden. ⁣These transactions occurred after Hunter Biden demanded a $10 million payment from ‌CEFC, ⁢with ‍Joe Biden allegedly present during the demand.

Comer Could Move On Subpoenas ‌in ‘Matter of Days’

While the evidence linking the loan repayments and transactions to influence peddling is circumstantial, Mr. Comer ‌expressed confidence in his conclusions, stating, “Now we can trace‌ the money that Joe Biden got, the⁢ two checks, ‌back to influence peddling schemes.”

Preparations are currently underway to serve the‌ subpoenas to the Bidens​ once ​additional ⁣bank documents are reviewed. Mr. Comer expects this process to ‌be completed “in a matter of days,” bringing satisfaction to the American ‌people who want to see the Biden family held accountable.

When asked about specific family members who would be subpoenaed, ​Mr. Comer did not provide names but suggested that at least nine Biden family members may have received ⁢payments related to influence peddling schemes. He also noted that‍ President Biden would likely only ⁣testify⁤ during an impeachment hearing.

Mr. Comer’s announcement coincided with House Speaker ‌Mike Johnson’s statement that a decision on pursuing articles of ⁣impeachment ⁤against ⁣President Biden would be‍ made “very soon.” The Biden administration has pushed back against Mr. Comer’s claims, ​stating that⁤ the checks‍ were loan repayments made when Joe Biden⁣ was out of office.

Despite​ the White House’s defense, Mr. Comer continues to question the documentation ​and potential tax law violations surrounding the ​loan‌ payments. Hunter⁤ Biden has also spoken out, alleging that his personal struggles with addiction have been politically weaponized to⁢ attack his father.

As the ⁢investigation unfolds, the American public eagerly awaits the next steps in holding the Biden family ⁣accountable.

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Biden family:

Is case and‌ believes the subpoenas⁢ will shed further light on ‌the Biden family’s business dealings. He stated, “We have substantial evidence that suggests the Biden family was engaged ​in unethical and potentially illegal activities. These subpoenas will allow us to⁤ delve deeper into the financial transactions and determine‍ the ⁢level of involvement of each family member.”

The decision to issue subpoenas comes as ​part of the House Oversight Committee’s ongoing investigation ‍into potential conflicts of interest and corruption involving the Biden family. Republicans have long raised concerns about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his foreign business⁣ dealings,‍ particularly in Ukraine and China. They believe‍ that‍ these business transactions may have given foreign entities ⁢undue influence over the Biden⁢ family and potentially compromised national security.

The revelations ‍about the checks received by Joe Biden and his family members have further fueled these concerns. The $200,000 check from Americore to James Biden aligns​ suspiciously with the allegations ‍of promises of access ‌to a future Biden administration. Moreover,‌ the $40,000 check from a Chinese energy company ⁣to Hunter Biden raises questions about potential conflicts of interest and foreign interference in ⁤American politics.

Issuing subpoenas to the

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