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Biden impeachment inquiry ‘imminent’ as GOP demands action, says Comer.

Impeachment ​Inquiry into President Joe‌ Biden Likely “Imminent,” Says House Oversight ‌Chairman

House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) stated on Wednesday that an impeachment inquiry into President⁢ Joe Biden was likely “imminent.”​ After months of investigations, some Republicans have called for the impeachment process to move‌ forward.

Comer, who has led the investigations into the Biden ⁢family’s overseas business dealings, revealed ⁢on Fox News that there would soon be a vote on opening an impeachment inquiry.

“There’s consensus in our conference now that we are going to have to⁣ go to the⁣ impeachment inquiry,”‍ Comer said. “Obviously, ⁣that will be Speaker McCarthy’s ⁢call, but I feel like we’re​ there ‍now, Sean. I feel like that ‌is imminent.”

The White House has denied President Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals, which have been under investigation. However, House Republicans argue that‍ the evidence‌ suggests otherwise.

“I⁣ am here⁤ to tell you, ⁤Sean, Joe ⁢Biden was front ⁢and center,” Comer said. “He met with every⁤ one of these people that he claimed ‌he ⁤never ‍met with, ‌that he never spoke to, and we are ‍putting together the timeline ⁢where Hunter Biden was traveling to many of these countries on Air Force Two ⁣while Joe Biden was vice‌ president.”

The Oversight Committee ⁣has called on the National Archives to produce ‌records detailing Hunter Biden’s access to Air Force Two. Recent⁢ reports indicate that Hunter accompanied then-Vice President Biden ⁤on more than ​a⁤ dozen foreign trips on ‍Air Force Two.

Some⁤ House Republicans, including Florida⁣ Rep. Greg Steube and⁢ Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles, ‍have already filed for the impeachment of President Biden.

“It’s long past time to⁢ impeach Joe Biden,” Steube said in a statement earlier‌ this‌ month. “He ⁤has ‍undermined the integrity ⁤of his office, brought ‌disrepute‌ on the Presidency, betrayed his trust⁣ as President, and acted in a ⁤manner subversive of the rule of law and justice at the expense of America’s citizens.”


South ⁣Carolina Rep. Ralph ⁣Norman expressed his support for moving forward with‍ the impeachment inquiry ‍and praised Comer’s investigative work.

“I don’t know what⁢ more people need,” he told Just the News. “Now’s ⁣the time. If not now, when?”

“Since ⁤Republicans have ​taken over, James Comer has done a great job of exposing – not‌ hearsay, not innuendo, not anecdotal evidence – but direct evidence that links the leader of the free ​world, Joe‌ Biden, and his son, Hunter, to a money laundering scheme,” Norman added.

Former President Donald Trump expressed ‍his opinion on the matter, stating ‍that House Republicans should “IMPEACH the BUM, or fade ⁤into OBLIVION.” He believes an inquiry ‌is unnecessary, ⁤as he‌ claims the evidence against ‍Biden is‌ already proven.

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