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Comer claims it was a ‘mistake’ for Trump not to bomb Mexican meth labs

Rep. James Comer (R.KY) stated that the mistake was made by former President Donald Trump It is important not to bomb fentanyl The crystal meth labs are in Mexico Despite the fact that the country was an ally to the United States.

Comer is now the House Oversight and Accountability Committee’s new chair. told Fox News Tuesday said that Trump’s decision to not order a military attack on Mexican drug labs was wrong. This strike would have been an effort to put an end to the Trump presidency. drug trafficking.


“One of the things we learned post-Trump presidency is that he had ordered a bombing of a couple of fentanyl labs, crystal meth labs, in Mexico, just across the border, and for whatever reason, the military didn’t do it,” Comer, he said. “I think that was a mistake.”

FILE: House Committee on Oversight and Accountability chairman James Comer, R. Ky., is leading an organizational meeting of the 118th Congress at the Capitol in Washington on January 31, 2023. This will be the first time that the panel has heard from fraudsters and others about federal pandemic funding. 1.(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Trump suggested that he would launch missiles against Mexico in 2020. then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper. Trump may have said that they will be able keep the attack secret so no one can trace it back the U.S.

Esper, the author of Esper’s book about the exchange A Sacred Oath: The Memoirs of an Extraordinary Defense SecretaryTrump said that he was surprised by the suggestion. Trump did not respond to questions about the exchange.

The comments of Comer come at a time when the U.S. is facing a crisis with fentanyl southern border. One of the major causes is illegal fentanyl supply from Mexican cartels. Comer stated that many of these illegal drugs have come from Mexico cartels.

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