Comer criticizes FBI for withholding documents: ‘No respect’

House Oversight Committee Chairman criticizes FBI for impeding investigation into Biden family

James Comer, the House Oversight Committee Chairman, has criticized the FBI for impeding the investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings. During a closed-door meeting, the FBI refused to hand over a subpoenaed form that allegedly details a “criminal scheme” involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and an unnamed “foreign national” regarding an exchange of “money for policy decisions.”

Comer demands FBI cooperation

Comer has demanded that the FBI cooperate with the investigation and hand over the document. He has also suggested that if the FBI does not cooperate, Republicans should look to have the alleged whistleblower behind the form come forward publicly. Comer believes that the document is a crucial piece of the investigation and that it is credible because the claim was made years before anyone knew about the Biden family’s business dealings.

Congress’s efforts may not be successful

Fox News host Jesse Watters has questioned whether Congress’s efforts will be successful, suggesting that the FBI does not respect Comer. Comer has responded by saying that the FBI does not respect anyone in Congress. He has also suggested that Congress should demand that the senators get their backs and hold the FBI’s budget hostage until they produce the documents that they want.

Other documents requested

Comer has also requested other documents, including classified documents that Joe Biden had in his possession, as they are an important part of the investigation.

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