Ben Shapiro, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, and” Come Back To Him” Discourse Straying From God In New Exodus Show

In the most recent episode of” Exodus ,” which is currently streaming on DailyWire +, Ben Shapiro, a co-founder of Daily Wire, and Dr. Jordan B. Peterson examine the obstinacy of the Israelites and Moses’ frustration, how covenants function, as well as how simple it can be to stray from God.

The third book of the Bible and the Torah, the Book of Numbers, is read by Peterson, Shapiro, and a group of nine eminent scientists. They discuss significant styles and make connections between them and earlier conversations on Exodus and possibly Leviticus. The contract between the Israelites and God, embodied by the Ten Commandments, is the subject of the last chapter of Leviticus, which Peterson begins by stating that it is about abiding by dictates of” ordered rights” and not the dictatorship or chaos of a desert. He also adds that the covenant can always be restored.

According to Peterson,” No matter how much trouble you’re’re in, there’s’s always the chance that you can restore that covenant.”

Shapiro explains that it is against human nature for God to keep His compact with the Israelites even though they break it. He compares it to refusing to enter into an agreement with a party who has already violated another agreement.

According to Shapiro,” God is waiting for the Israelites to forgive and for us to return to Him ,” using this passionate words once more. We wander, but that doesn’t say He left the house. He’s’s still there, waiting for someone to fix it. There hasn’t been a breach of the contract. It resembles what God does after a disaster in many ways.

The panel brings up chapter 10 of Numbers later in the conversation, which references the cloud that guided the Israelites, letting them know when to rest and when to set out. Peterson explains that many people have a difficult time understanding the principle behind this. 

According to Peterson,” You do approach where the passion takes you.” Because your interests will hold you and cause you to move in a certain direction, you do that more or less easily.

Peterson continues by saying that people constantly strive for a better future. According to him, this concept is” a fundamental component of the whole Exodus tale.”


This is the sixth of eight different episodes in the series, which examines Exodus’ significance and provides insights from religious and literary experts, demonstrating why the book is still important thousands of years after it was written.

You can watch earlier episodes here for a deep dive into the Ten Commandments and other significant themes in Exodus, such as the definition and limitations of” an eye for an eye.”


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