Coast Guard locates four missing divers near North Carolina coast.

(Photo by Mike Hvozda/U.S. Coast Guard ⁢via Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory

3:29 PM – Monday, August 14,⁢ 2023

The U.S. Coast Guard ⁤announced on Monday that four⁣ divers who went ​missing off‍ the coast ​of North Carolina on Sunday afternoon have been discovered alive.


Authorities stated on social media that the ‌Coast Guard and Navy spotted and rescued the four divers around 46 miles‌ southeast of ⁤Cape Fear River.

The four men reportedly went missing around midday on Sunday after diving off a recreational boat ‌named “Big Bill’s,” from which ​they did not emerge, according to authorities.

Coast Guard ‌officials in ‍Wilmington, North Carolina,⁢ and Charleston, South Carolina,⁣ were⁣ contacted, and a search was quickly initiated. The boat was ​discovered around 63 miles east ‌of Myrtle Beach.

Authorities have‍ not yet released the names and identities of the found divers.

This is a developing story.

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