CNN’s Jake Tapper Says Joe Biden is Weighing Down Democrats

CNN anchor Jake Tapper⁣ claimed during ‍a weekend interview that ⁣President Joe Biden’s performance was negatively impacting the Democratic⁣ ticket, referencing new polling data. Tapper’s remarks underscore concerns within the Democratic Party regarding Biden’s⁤ influence on‍ their electoral prospects. As of now, there’s⁣ no​ verifiable record of CNN anchor Jake Taper specifically making these comments‌ regarding President ⁢Joe Biden’s influence on ⁤the Democratic ticket, as per the information available up to the knowledge cutoff in 2023. Discussions⁢ and critiques about the impact of a⁤ president’s ‍performance on ⁤their party’s‍ electoral chances are common in‌ media analysis, but this particular statement‍ cannot be confirmed ⁢from credible sources.

These kinds of comments, however, would not be atypical in political discourse, especially as media personalities‍ analyze potential implications of polling data on election outcomes. Critics and analysts often debate a president’s popularity and its potential positive⁢ or negative effects ⁢on other candidates within their⁤ party during election cycles.

If Jake Tapper had⁣ made remarks like the ones described, it could reflect ‍broader concerns among some members of the Democratic Party about potential challenges in upcoming elections, which is a routine topic of evaluation in‌ political discussions, especially approaching mid-term or presidential elections.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said during an interview over the weekend that President Joe Biden was bringing down the entire Democrat ticket, according to newly released polling.

Tapper made the remarks while interviewing Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) on Sunday on the network’s “State of the Union” show.

“Let’s talk about the campaign, because Trump was in battleground Michigan last night making a pitch to African-American voters,” he said. “Polls show Biden trailing Trump in key battleground states and polling well behind your Senate colleagues who are running for reelection.”

“Look at this New York Times poll from last month,” he continued. “Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin is up nine points in Wisconsin. Biden’s only up two points. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey up five in PA. Biden’s down three. Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego, running for Senate in Arizona, up four, Biden down seven. Nevada Senator Jacky Rosen up two in Nevada. Biden’s down 12.”

“How can you look at this, these statistics, these numbers and not conclude that Joe Biden is a drag on the ticket?” he asked.

Murphy denied the results of the poll, claiming that the elections would turn out differently and that it was only “one poll” — even though The New York Times/Sienna poll is widely considered to be the most accurate poll in all of politics.

“I mean, you’re happy for your colleagues, I’m sure, but Biden is underpolling all of them,” Tapper responded.

Murphy again could only counter with “that’s one poll” and claimed that there were “60 other polls that show that Joe Biden is in the lead,” but couldn’t name any of the polls.


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