CNN Closing Atlanta Headquarters

Left-wing mobs tried to breach the facility It was possible that it was a glimpse into the future during the summer 2020. Derek Chauvin, an ex-policeman, had just shot George Floyd to death in Minneapolis. This set off a wave that sparked protests throughout the country. With the COVID pandemic and the contentious 2020 elections as backdrops, violent leftist mobs set fire to half of the country. CNN was present to cover the violent, but mostly peaceful, unlawful civil unrest that caused record-breaking damage property claims. CNN’s Atlanta headquarters was targeted, with confrontations spilling into the lobby. Also, the building housed a precinct for police, so even though the building was vandalized protesters couldn’t go further because of police protection. This iconic building is now closed. It’ll be gradually moving its operations to the Turner Techwood campus in Midtown, outside of the city (via PJ Media): 

“After more than 35 years, CNN is leaving its downtown mainstay in stages this year, with the entire operation moving back to renovated space at the 30-acre Turner Techwood campus in Midtown, according to a CNN spokeswoman,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

At first, CNN chose Atlanta because it was far enough away from the elites of the coast to offer an objective view of the world. However, the network moved its operations to the exact places it had initially sought to distance themselves from. Atlanta is home to only a small fraction of the operations behind-the scenes. 


Former CNN Center employees aren’t happy with the move. 

“I am heartbroken,” AJC was informed by Tom Johnson (CNN president, 1990-2001). “So many of my friends tell me how they’re going to miss that wonderful CNN logo on top of CNN Center. It just meant so much to us.” 


The move out of the CNN Center is largely a cost-cutting measure, of course, but it also marks the network’s continued entrenchment in the New York-D.C. corridor that Ted Turner sought to at least somewhat isolate his network from.

CNN was our favourite punching bag during Trump years due to their horrendous, almost serially fraudulent coverage. Jim Acosta was the main target. However, Jeff Zucker’s departure following his trip-up over not disclosing an inside-office relationship has resulted in a series of layoffs at liberal media outlets. Chris Licht is the new CEO and he claims he wants to bring the network back to its original glory. ‘Live from Baghdad’ Bernard Shaw, and others, were the embodiment of solid reporting in their era. Brian Stelter and John Harwood’s dismissals signaled that the new board wanted to change. 

I couldn’t care less. I hope that CNN has realized that liberal insanity is already dominated MSNBC’s InfoWars-like coverage about people with whom it disagrees. However, I am not optimistic about CNN’s image overhaul. They’re just too in bed with the Democrats.

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