Clinton grilled on classified docs scandal, delivers infuriating response.

In her nearly 50 years in politics, Hillary Clinton has mastered the art of avoiding accountability.

Deny, deflect and defend. And if those aren’t enough, deride.

When asked to comment on President Trump’s indictment by a “Pod Save America” host, the former Secretary of State exclaimed, “You’re kidding!” followed by her infamous cackle.

“I have a lot of reactions to it,” Clinton continued. “And I think the best reaction publicly is, you know, let’s see it unfold, and let’s see what happens.”

When asked why Republicans were accusing her of doing the same thing and getting away with it, Clinton didn’t even bother to deny it, deflecting with ease.

“That’s a really good question, I can’t figure that one out,” she joked.

“I do think it’s — odd — let’s just say, to the point of being absurd, how that is their only response,” Clinton continued.

“They refuse to read the indictment, they refuse to engage with the facts, there’s nothing new about that, and what they refuse to admit is this is on a track about him, not about anybody else, no matter how much else they try to confuse people, and how much they try to classified docs scandal, delivers infuriating response.”>raise extraneous issues.

“And it’s going to be fascinating, I guess, in a bizarre and sad way, to watch them spin themselves up,” she said.

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In 2016, then-FBI Director James Comey announced that Clinton would not be charged for using a private server and numerous personal devices for classified information.

He later informed Congress, just days before the election, about the discovery of additional emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

To be precise, there were 340,000 emails between Clinton and her aide, Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife, on Weiner’s laptop alone, with domain addresses such as “” and “”

Having deflected any questions about the unfairness of the FBI’s treatment of her compared to Trump, Clinton then switched to derision.

“If you watched any of the news programs this weekend, I mean, their efforts to defend this man are truly beyond anything that I ever thought possible in our country,” she said, referring to loyal Republicans.

“It’s more of a cult than a political party at this point.”

Really? Then I guess the Democratic party, which has the entire media and the FBI bending over backward to cover the current White House occupant’s treasonable offenses, must have a full-fledged religion.

Clinton then suggested Biden should try to focus on, “OK, when the circus leaves town, what’s your life gonna be like?”

You would think that between her husband’s sex scandals and her own violations of the Federal Records Act, which included destroying evidence with BleachBit and hammers, Clinton might be a little more careful with the word “circus.”

Let’s not forget she was in the White House when Bill Clinton lost the nuclear football.

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