500 Murders Recovered in City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia is failing to stop the murders again, as it continues to see a record number of homicides that exceeds 500. Although murders are lower than a year ago compared to 2016, the level of violence still exceeds those of recent years. In 2016, there were 277 murders.

As of December 28, 514 people Philadelphia was the capital of homicide. This number is down by 7% from 2021 when a record 562 people were killed, but it is higher than the 499 deaths in 2020, and 356 deaths in 2019.

Philadelphia isn’t the only city in Pennsylvania to see a higher homicide rate, as Pittsburgh has had similar problems. As The Center Square reports, however, state Republicans have begun impeachment proceedings against Larry Krasner (Philadelphia District Attorney) as a result. previously reportedPartly due to the increased violence under his watch.

The House Select Committee hosted public hearings that were critical of Krasner but also of Philadelphia police, city council, and the mayor’s office.

Since Krasner took office as district attorney in 2018, murders have gone up 46%, if 2022’s figure doesn’t change. Krasner has traced the increase in homicides to the effects of the pandemicAs well as the lack of access to education and employment,

The death toll, and violent crime in general, is already a point of contention for the city’s mayoral race. Declared candidates took to Twitter to promise to do more than outgoing Mayor Jim Kenney who is term-limited.

“As of Tuesday, there have been 512 homicides this year. That is beyond unacceptable — it’s outrageous,” Allan Domb, former City Councilman and mayoral candidate, has been elected to the City Council. tweeted. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we haven’t ‘turn[ed] “the curve”’ on gun violence as Jim Kenney has said, and we won’t without new leadership in City Hall.”

“More than 500 homicides for the second year in a row,” Rebecca Rhynhart (former City Controller) is the mayoral candidate tweeted. “My heart breaks for our city and the countless people and communities impacted. We can’t get back what was lost, but if elected mayor, I promise to turn this around and put an end to the violence devastating our city.”

“Like last year, Philly recorded 500 homicides,” Derek Green is a former City Councilman who is running for mayoral office. tweeted. “As the only former prosecutor running for Mayor, we need a leader who has fought crime to make our City safe. #ExpectMoreDeserveBetter.”

Many shootings in Philadelphia have been relegated as a nuisance. relatively few hot-spot neighborhoodsThese are mostly found in Philadelphia’s west and north sides. Youths are at high risk due to the concentrated violence.

“The firearm-related death rate for young adult males living in the top 10% most violent zip codes in Philadelphia is higher than the risk of combat death was for U.S. troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq,” According to a recent study.

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