Christians, be cautious: ‘Sparkle Creed’ openly disrespects God in a blasphemous manner.

Micah ‍2:1: The Wicked Plot Evil in the Darkness

In the‌ dead of night, ‌the wicked lie awake, scheming and plotting their evil deeds in the comfort of their beds.

The Assault on ‌the Apostles’ ‍Creed

One of the oldest and ⁢most cherished creeds⁣ of the Christian faith, ⁢known as the “Apostles’ Creed” or the “Old ‌Roman Creed,” is under attack.

Originating in the 4th Century AD, the Apostles’ Creed has served as a steadfast declaration ⁢of faith for Western ‍Christianity throughout the‌ ages.

It proclaims belief in God the Father, Jesus Christ, the‍ Holy Spirit, the Church, forgiveness of sins, resurrection, and eternal life.

For a fascinating historical⁢ breakdown of this creed, click⁤ here.

The ⁤Rise of the “Sparkle Creed”

However, a new and perverse interpretation of the Apostles’ Creed has emerged, ‌openly blaspheming this sacred​ statement ⁤of faith.

Advocates of this ‌demonic distortion,‍ proudly leading their followers‌ astray,⁢ have concocted what they​ call ⁤the‌ “Sparkle ​Creed.”

According to Religion Unplugged, the Edina Community Lutheran Church in Minneapolis caused a‌ stir by promoting this radically modernized version⁤ of the creed during Pride Month.

Anna Helgen, a co-pastor at ‌the church, shamelessly leads her congregation in affirming this desecration ⁤of the​ original creed.

Helgen’s distorted version proclaims belief in a non-binary God, a fabulous Jesus with two fathers, and a rainbow Spirit that celebrates diversity.

She promotes the idea that ⁢love is love and challenges the traditional understanding of ‍God’s Word.

Spreading Blasphemy

Disturbingly,‌ many members of​ the congregation​ enthusiastically say “amen” to Helgen’s ‌heretical doctrine.

While this “sparkle ⁣creed” is‍ rapidly spreading ‌in blue⁣ states like Minnesota, its ⁢origins can be traced back to Rev.⁣ Rachel Small Stokes of Immanuel United Church of Christ in Louisville, Kentucky.

Stokes ‍proudly‍ shared ⁣her “inspiration” for ‌the new creed on a ‍ Facebook post from First Community‌ Church ⁤UCC Dallas.

She⁤ claimed that‌ a voice-to-text​ mishap ‌led to the creation of the “Sparkle Creed,” which she ‍believed was perfect for Pride Month.

A Testament to Satan

Stokes’⁣ blasphemous creed is riddled with heresies ‍that challenge the nature of God, Jesus, and ‌the Holy ​Spirit.

She​ undermines God’s holiness, insinuates that Jesus was gay, attributes the Holy Spirit’s⁣ power to a demonic ​”rainbow spirit,” and embraces the slogan “love is love.”

We must pray for our ⁢nation as this blasphemous filth,⁢ like the “Sparkle⁣ Creed,” continues ​to spread ​and corrupt‌ future generations.

Let us be wary of so-called “Christian ⁢leaders” like Stokes‍ and ⁢Helgen, who clearly harbor hatred for‌ God and His Word.

Galatians 1:8 warns us: “But even if we or ⁤an angel from heaven should preach to you⁣ a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him⁢ be‍ accursed.”

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Why ⁤is the ⁣trend ​of redefining‌ and recreating religious ⁣beliefs to⁣ fit personal preferences and agendas problematic ​for various religious traditions, including Christianity?

Amen” to this ‌blasphemy, embracing the ‌Sparkle Creed⁤ as⁤ their own. The acceptance and ​promotion of this⁢ distorted interpretation‍ threaten the integrity⁢ of the Christian faith and the teachings of the Bible.

This perversion of ‌the Apostles’ Creed is‍ not an isolated ⁢incident. It is a ⁣reflection‌ of⁢ a larger⁣ trend in society to redefine and recreate religious beliefs‍ to fit personal preferences and agendas. This ‌trend extends beyond Christianity and affects various religious traditions.

Under the guise of⁣ inclusivity⁣ and acceptance, these new interpretations discard the foundational⁤ principles and teachings of the ‍original ⁣creed. ⁢They ​prioritize personal desires and societal norms over⁤ the eternal truths of religious faith.

While diversity ⁣and ‍inclusivity ⁢are ⁢important values, they should not‌ be used to ⁢distort or undermine religious beliefs established through centuries of tradition and ‍the guidance of ⁣sacred texts.

It is crucial for religious leaders and communities to stay true to the essence ‌of ​their faith‌ and resist the ‍temptations of the wicked to plot ⁣evil in the darkness. They must stand ‍firm in proclaiming the unchanging truths‌ of their ⁢religious traditions, even ⁤when faced with‍ opposition or pressure to conform to the world’s ever-changing standards.

In the face of the assault on ‍the Apostles’ Creed and other religious creeds, it is essential for believers to deepen their understanding ‌of their faith⁤ and to engage ‌in open and honest dialogue about⁤ its teachings. Through study, reflection, and discussion,​ believers can‌ strengthen‌ their conviction in the⁢ truths‍ of their faith and ⁤effectively respond to​ the challenges posed by these distorted interpretations.

Furthermore, it is important for believers to actively promote and defend the‍ integrity ⁤of their religious creeds. This can be done ⁤through education, public ⁤discourse, and advocacy. By⁢ raising⁣ awareness about⁤ the importance and significance of​ religious creeds, believers‌ can counteract the spread of blasphemy ‍and uphold the sanctity of​ their faith.

Micah ‍2:1 warns us of the wicked who‌ plot ‌evil in the darkness. As ​believers, we must shine the light of truth on their wicked schemes and work tirelessly⁤ to‌ preserve the integrity of‍ our religious⁤ traditions. ⁤Only by ‍doing so can we ensure that⁣ the timeless⁢ teachings of our faith continue to guide and inspire future generations.

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