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Chocolatier accused of killing Caribbean island’s CGI film pioneer and partner

An American Chocolate Businessman ⁤and Accomplice Charged with Murder of CGI Film Pioneer and⁢ Partner

An American chocolate businessman and another man have been charged with the murder of a CGI film pioneer and his partner. Jonathan Lehrer, the owner and operator of chocolate maker estate Bois Collette Inc.,⁢ and Robert Snider, the alleged “hitman,” were charged with murder on Wednesday, according to the New York Post.

The charges come after the bodies of‌ Daniel Langlois and his wife⁤ Dominique Marchand were found in a burned-out car on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean. Langlois, the founder of Softimage Creative Environments, was known for his work on films like “Jurassic Park” and “Star Wars.”

Langlois and Marchand had moved to Dominica in 1997 and had been involved in a ⁢long-standing ‌dispute with Lehrer over a public road that ran through Lehrer’s property. The dispute escalated⁤ when Lehrer ⁣blocked Langlois’ access to his own property,‍ leading to a legal battle between the two⁣ parties.

While Lehrer, his wife, and another person were detained, only Lehrer and Snider have been charged in connection⁢ with the murders. Snider is believed to be the​ hired “hitman” responsible for the killings.

Lehrer’s father has ​defended his son, stating that he is a⁣ successful ‍businessman and ⁢not a violent person. ⁢Langlois, just a month ⁤before ‌his death, had received an award for his contribution to sustainable development in ⁤Dominica.


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