Chicago wants to remove police from schools, ignoring crime and education problems

Chicago’s Misplaced Priorities

Chicago,⁤ a city plagued by crime ‍and⁣ failing schools, seems to have its Democratic leaders focused on all the wrong‌ things. Instead of⁤ addressing these pressing issues, they have chosen ⁣to cater‌ to the whims of⁤ progressive‍ activists,‍ succumbing to the racial brain rot that ⁣has infected their minds.

Removing School Resource ⁢Officers

The Chicago‍ Board of Education, in a unanimous vote, has decided to remove school resource officers from Chicago Public Schools. Mayor Brandon Johnson claims ​this is part of a “holistic” approach to school⁤ safety, but in reality, it is⁢ a meaningless gesture. ​The ⁣city plans to redirect $10 million towards⁤ other school safety programs that will do little to actually ‌make schools safer. All⁢ of this‌ is happening‌ because‌ some activists find the presence of SROs on campuses⁣ too intimidating.

One would think that this issue had already ⁤been settled when Denver’s ‌Democratic ⁣Mayor Michael Hancock admitted that removing SROs from schools was a grave error. After a shooting incident at East High School, Hancock acknowledged the​ mistake and ⁣called for the return of School Resource Officers, ⁢stating‌ that swift action was⁣ necessary.

Meanwhile, ‌Chicago is slashing police resources​ in other parts​ of ‍the city, ⁣despite witnessing a surge ‍in violent crimes. The statistics are​ alarming ‍- only 12% of ⁣middle school students in Chicago Public⁢ Schools​ are proficient in math, and a mere 16% are proficient in reading. High school students ⁣fare no ⁤better,‍ with only 14%‌ demonstrating ‌math proficiency ‌and⁣ 15% ‍in reading. Clearly, there are far more pressing problems in Chicago, ​both in terms of crime and education, but city leaders⁤ are more concerned about ​the perception of ‌having ‌officers on​ campuses, as dictated by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Chicago’s Democratic leaders seem to live in a detached reality,⁣ where they prioritize fighting ⁣for the⁤ shallow causes championed by activist groups,‌ driven by their baseless hatred of police officers. Meanwhile, ‍the real problems facing the city go unnoticed and unaddressed. It is a harsh truth that they find difficult to confront – 93 years of Democratic rule have transformed Chicago into a ‍crime-ridden city with failing schools.

How does the removal ​of‍ school resources ‌deepen the divide between marginalized communities and the rest of Chicago, and what are the consequences of this divide


One of the most glaring examples of Chicago’s misplaced priorities​ is ​the ‌removal of resources from failing schools. Instead of investing⁣ in⁣ education and providing necessary support for students, the city has made⁤ the inexplicable decision to strip schools of​ vital resources.

Over ⁣the‌ past few years, Chicago has closed dozens‌ of⁢ public⁣ schools, leaving ​thousands of students with limited access to quality education. This move not only disrupts the lives⁣ of students ⁣and ‌families but ⁢also‍ contributes to the perpetuation‌ of the vicious ⁢cycle of​ poverty and crime that plagues the‌ city.

By removing school resources, ⁤Chicago’s leaders are essentially telling these marginalized⁤ communities that they are undeserving ⁣of a​ quality education. This ‍not only deepens the divide between the⁣ haves⁣ and‍ the have-nots ⁤but also denies these ⁤students the opportunities they need⁤ to succeed⁢ in life and⁣ break free from the hardships they face.

Crime Epidemic

While Chicago’s schools suffer, the city is also grappling ‌with an alarming crime epidemic. The streets‌ are ⁢plagued by violence, with shootings and homicides becoming a daily occurrence. In 2020 ‍alone, Chicago recorded over ‍750 homicides, the​ highest number in decades.

Instead of⁤ prioritizing public safety and investing in measures to combat crime,‌ the ‌city’s leaders​ seem more interested in ‍appeasing​ activist groups than⁣ protecting ‍their own citizens. This lack of⁣ initiative and‍ misplaced priorities only serves to further erode the trust and‌ confidence‍ of the people in⁢ their government.

Chicago’s Democratic leaders must realize that their duty​ is to ensure the safety and well-being of their constituents. Focusing on addressing the root‍ causes ⁣of crime and implementing proactive measures to combat violence should be their top priority.

Political Correctness over Common Sense

Another‍ example of⁣ Chicago’s misplaced priorities is its adherence to political correctness at the expense⁢ of common ‍sense. Instead of seeking practical solutions to address the problems ⁣facing⁢ the ‍city, the⁢ leaders⁣ often‌ seem‍ more concerned ‌with maintaining their progressive image.

One such example⁣ is the issue of police enforcement. Rather than supporting law enforcement agencies and equipping ⁣them with the tools they need to⁢ keep the city⁤ safe, Chicago’s leaders have succumbed to the demands of activists calling for defunding ⁤or dismantling ‍the​ police.

This move only serves to compromise public safety and puts the lives of citizens and police officers at risk. It is​ a misguided attempt to cater ⁤to the ⁣demands of a⁢ vocal minority, disregarding⁤ the concerns and interests of ⁣the majority who rely on law enforcement for their safety and⁢ protection.

A ⁤Call for Change

Chicago’s misplaced priorities have⁤ resulted in dire consequences for‍ the city and its residents. It is crucial ⁣for the democratic leaders to shift their focus ⁤towards addressing⁢ the⁢ pressing issues that Chicagoans face every day.

Investing in education, particularly in underprivileged ‌communities, is essential to breaking the cycle of poverty ‌and providing a better future ⁣for the next ⁢generation. Prioritizing public safety and supporting law enforcement are​ crucial steps in creating a safer environment for all residents.

Chicago’s leaders must prioritize⁤ the ​needs of their ​citizens over the demands of activists. It is ‍time for a change in mindset and ‍approach. By correcting their misplaced priorities, they can work ⁣towards building a thriving and ⁤safe city that its residents deserve.

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