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Charity at Center of Pedo Scandal to Train Medical Staff on Treating “Trans Kids”

The NHS trust that will take over the care of children who believe themselves to be transgender after England’s controversial Tavistock gender clinic closes its doors Training will begin later in the year from the disgraced trans charity Mermaids.

According to The Telegraph the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust staff will be receiving training. Mermaids The first phase will be completed by the end of this month. This announcement is made despite the fact that Mermaids currently has a low rating. formal investigation Due to serious safeguarding claims made last year, the Charity Commission has been informed.

These allegations also include Mermaids staff members who are secretly involved in the investigation. sending dangerous chest compression devices to teenage girls who identify as boys, even while knowing that this was against parents’ wishes. Chat forum moderators have been accused of encouraging their children to use cross-sex hormones as well as puberty inhibitors.

There was then the revelation A member of the Mermaids board had delivered a speech at a conference hosted by a group that advocates for pedophile acceptance. This indicates serious failures in its screening process.

SLaM claims that Mermaids were not invited to train staff in the new gender identification clinic. Instead, it states that this training is part an “LGBT+ awareness” program.

One of many new clinics will be built. regional centers To better address the complex mental health issues of transgender children and their families, centers have been established. The new centers are to be set up after an independent review of England’s Tavistock gender clinic found it was not a safe or viable option For this vulnerable patient population.

Experts are concerned about the involvement of trans activists in the establishment of regional centers.

Sue Evans, an ex-clinician at the Tavistock was the first whistleblower in 2005 to raise concerns about the service.

“My experience was that groups like Mermaids exerted pressure on the clinical service which was not always helpful in terms of thinking about patients holistically,” Evans said The Telegraph. “Given that Hilary Cass has asked for care to be evidence-based and holistic, I have serious concerns about Mermaids providing training to staff at SLaM.”

“I have not seen their current training materials yet, but based on past experience I would be concerned that they would be promoting an affirmation-only model which lacks an evidence base and does not take into account the complexities of children’s needs and backgrounds. The Mermaids teaching materials that I have seen were inaccurate and misleading,” Evans continued.

The affirmation model This is the care model that is preferred by Canadian and American gender clinics. rapidly falling out of favor The model is applicable worldwide. The model requires that a child’s transgender identity be immediately affirmed and any exploration or attempt to help the child overcome their distress is forbidden, and in Canada would be considered conversion therapy. Gender-affirming doctors fast-track children onto experimental puberty blockers Even though there is no evidence of good quality to support this protocol.

The Telegraph also interviewed Dr Marcus Evans as a consultant psychotherapist. He was an early whistleblower about Tavistock. “There are a lot of parents who are already worried after Tavistock said it would be involved in advising the new service providers, and now Mermaids is offering training as well.”

“The old service system is discredited. We need a completely different approach that avoids preoccupation with gender to the exclusion of all other facets of the family, child and young person’s personality and development,” Evans added.

“This training is not related to the development of an early adopter service for children and young people experiencing gender incongruence and gender dysphoria,” SLaM made the statement in a statement. “We commission as well as directly provide high-quality professional training courses from a wide range of providers as part of our training offer for our staff to further support the provision of personalised, safe and therapeutic care for young people and adults using mental health services.”

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