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Championship Game Takes Place Amid Sea Of Changes In College Football

When Horned Frogs Texas Christian University of (TCU) and Bulldogs of University Georgia met tonight on the grate at Stadium SoFi Los Angeles and they won’t Determine the 2022 college football season champion only among major NCAA colleges. They Would also reflect a sport at a crossroads, given the myriad changes to the sporting landscape.

For A sport as old as professional baseball – Rutgers and Princeton played the firstAmerican football game in 1869, the same yearCincinnati Red Stockings as the first professional baseball team – college football Both on and off the pitch are in the midst of huge changes. And It remains to be seen whether and how a long-established sport would garner alumni with roots in their alma mater that exploded in the late 1980s.

Wild West’ In recent years, revenue generated by large TV deals has accelerated this process, as schools play Recruiting

Consider the game, conferences seek out schools in prestigious media marketplaces, and schools sell their memberships to the conference’s highest bidder.

Conference Realignment The biggest development in recent years occurred last fall, when USC and UCLA – two Teams universities, one (USC) a private university – agreed Southwest Conference, one But – Meeting includes primarily public land granting agencies, effective 2024. “musical chairs,”,

One and Los Angeles: Big Ten One Midwestern decision allows college athletes to receive income from individual endorsement contracts even if the college itself does not pay the athlete’s fee salary.

Name The ruling allows athletes to profit from their work, but it also means that the most desirable athletes can effectively sell themselves to the highest bidder by choosing the school with the most and wealthiest boosters able Affordable, with zero transactions in the largest funds. Image In the worst case, NIL could widen the gap between Likeness Revenue and , meaning that all but a few schools have little Chances of attracting athletes needed to play in tournament Supreme Court: The TCU first-year coach In has shown transfer portal potential as he attracts enough talent to skill slots to move a team with a losing record last season team turned into a nightly national championship team (* ). “haves” Allowing players to switch schools each year and effectively turning them into free agents makes retaining talent as difficult as attracting players task. “have-nots,” In this brave new world, athletes can transfer schools once benched by a coach, or hop to another college where the booster offers more change.

Transfer Portal On top of that, it was announced last fall that the year-end playoffs are now four-team, two-week long

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