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Censure resolution alleges Tlaib’s antisemitism and Capitol insurrection.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Censure Resolution Against Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Rep. Marjorie Taylor ‌Greene (R-Ga.)‍ is taking a bold stand against Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) with a censure resolution. Greene accuses Tlaib of engaging in antisemitic activity, expressing sympathy for terrorists, and leading an “insurrection” at the⁣ U.S.‍ Capitol last⁢ week.

Greene made the‌ announcement on Tuesday morning, joined by co-sponsors Reps. ‍John Carter (R-Texas), Mike Collins (R-Ga.), Mary Miller (R-Ill.), ⁤and Randy​ Weber (R-Texas).

The ⁣resolution ‍specifically targets​ Tlaib, a⁣ Palestinian-American, for her past comments on the ‌Israel-Palestinian situation⁣ and ‌her participation in a protest at the ‌Capitol on ‍Oct. 18.

In ⁢one instance, ‌the resolution highlights​ a 2020 post by Tlaib⁢ on social media, where⁣ she wrote “from​ the river ​to the ⁤sea, Palestine⁢ will be ⁣free.” The resolution states that this phrase, originated by the Palestinian Liberation ‍Organization and adopted by⁢ Hamas, “calls for‌ the‌ elimination of Israel and the death of all ⁤Jews.”

The censure resolution⁣ also​ points out Tlaib’s response to the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks, ⁤where she failed to denounce the‌ violence and instead⁣ called for ‌lifting the ⁣blockade and ending the occupation.

Furthermore, ‌the resolution⁣ accuses Tlaib ‌of exhibiting hatred for ‌America by blaming the ⁣U.S. for the deaths of​ Palestinian babies in a social media post. It notes the ongoing Israeli military operations and the risk to civilians in Gaza.

Tlaib is part of a group of House Democrats calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas ‌conflict, citing concerns about civilian ​casualties.

Tlaib Accused ⁤of Leading Insurrection

Greene goes even further, claiming that Tlaib’s involvement⁣ in an ⁢Oct. 18 ‌protest event⁢ amounted to​ a leadership role in an insurrection.⁢ The protesters⁤ entered the⁤ Cannon House ‍office building, disrupting official business and endangering members of Congress‌ and visitors.

The protest was organized with the help ​of Jewish Voice for Peace, a progressive Jewish anti-Zionist organization. Tlaib was photographed⁤ addressing⁢ the crowd before they entered the ‌building.

“Rashida​ Tlaib led an insurrection at the United States Capitol Complex on October 18, 2023, which​ put Members of Congress, their staffs, and Capitol visitors in danger by shutting down elevators, ‌stairwells, ⁤and points of egress,⁢ while ⁢obstructing ⁤official business in both the⁣ House of Representatives and‌ the ​Senate, including a Senate Foreign Affairs Committee hearing,” reads Greene’s censure resolution.

The resolution also highlights the Anti-Defamation League’s characterization of Jewish Voice for Peace as a radical anti-Israel activist ⁣group.

Greene concludes, “This type of Israel-hating, America-hating behavior from a ‌sitting Member of Congress⁢ is unacceptable, and she does not represent anything​ America stands⁤ for.”

NTD News reached out to Tlaib’s‍ office for comment but did not ⁢receive a⁤ response at the time of this writing.

In the past, Greene faced her own censure ⁢for ⁢controversial comments and social media posts. However, the resolution against her was ultimately dropped⁣ after she apologized.

From NTD News

⁣ How does the introduction of ‌censure resolutions by Rep. Greene against fellow representatives⁤ contribute to the existing partisan ⁢divisions ​in Congress

Has been a controversial figure‌ in Congress​ since⁤ her election in 2018. She​ is known for her outspoken views on‍ the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and her support ⁣for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against⁤ Israel. Greene’s resolution seeks⁣ to hold Tlaib accountable for these views and actions.

The resolution also accuses Tlaib of leading an “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol last week. While it is unclear what specific actions Greene is referring to, the accusation is a‌ serious one that could have significant consequences for Tlaib’s political career.

It is important to note that⁤ censure resolutions are symbolic in nature and do not carry any legal or punitive consequences. However, they serve as a public rebuke and can ‍damage ‍a politician’s reputation.

This is not the first time ​Greene ‍has ⁣initiated a​ censure resolution against a fellow representative. Earlier this ⁢year, she introduced a similar⁤ resolution against Rep. Ilhan Omar⁣ (D-Minn.), accusing her of anti-Semitic remarks.

While it is within Greene’s rights as a representative to introduce ‌such resolutions, it‌ is worth questioning the motivations behind her actions. Critics argue that these resolutions are a part⁢ of a larger effort to silence voices that disagree with her‍ own views and to stoke partisan divisions.

In response to the resolution, Tlaib has defended her⁤ positions and stated that she will not be silenced. ‌She argues that it is important to speak out against the injustices faced by the Palestinian people and to advocate for a ⁣just and peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The introduction of this censure resolution highlights the deep divides within Congress on the‌ Israeli-Palestinian conflict and ‌the ⁢increasing polarization of American politics. It is unlikely to lead to any substantive change or resolution, but it serves as a‍ reminder of the challenges faced in finding common ground on this complex issue.

As‍ the debate continues, it is crucial to foster open and respectful dialogue that allows for⁣ a diversity of perspectives. Only through constructive engagement

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