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Cell Phone Evidence Puts Disgraced Attorney Alex Murdaugh At Scene Of Family Murder, Prosecutors Say

Opening statements were made in the murder Trial involving a prominent South Carolina Legal dynasty: prosecutors reveal new evidence against Alex Murdaugh, disgraced former attorney.

Murdaugh, who is accused of murdering Maggie and Paul, his youngest son, was trying to win sympathy for himself. Then, he was going to reveal how he embezzled millions of dollars from clients and his law firm.

“Listen to that gathering storm that all came to a head,” Creighton Waters, the lead prosecutor, stated in his opening statements: according to The New York Times. “The evidence is going to be such that you are going to reach the inescapable conclusion that Alex murdered Maggie and Paul, that he was the storm, that the storm was coming for them, and the storm arrived on June 7, 2021.”

Waters said that Murdaugh texted and called his dead wife’s phone after allegedly committing the murders to create an alibi, but that evidence shows Murdaugh was at the dog kennels on his family’s estate when the murders occurred. The prosecutor pointed to bullet casings matching those found around Maggie’s body in other places on the property, which Waters suggested meant she was killed with “a family weapon.”

He added that Murdaugh didn’t have an explanation for where two of the three rifles he had purchased over the past couple of years had gone. Waters also said that empty ammunition boxes with the exact same brand and bullet type as the rifles were found on the property.

Even more damning was a raincoat with gunshot residue found at Murdaugh’s mother’s home, where he went after his wife and son were murdered.

Waters also pointed to cell phone evidence taken from Paul’s phone less than five minutes before he was killed. Paul had filmed one of the dogs to send to a friend, and prosecutors allege Murdaugh’s voice can be heard in the background of the recording. Murdaugh has said he wasn’t at the kennels that night. Prosecutors say Murdaugh shot his son and wife to death at 8:49 p.m. just minutes after the video was recorded.

In the defense’s opening statements, Murdaugh’s attorney Dick Harpootlian argued that the brutal nature of the murders was one reason Murdaugh couldn’t be the killer since he was described as a loving father and husband.

“He didn’t kill — butcher — his son and his wife,” Harpootlian’s opening statement. “And you need to put from your mind any suggestion that he did.”

The defense also argued that the prosecution’s timeline was wrong and that Maggie and Paul were killed at some point after Murdaugh had left to visit his mother, People Magazine reported. Murdaugh claims he left his estate at 9:59 p.m., returned an hour later and called 911 to inform them that his wife and son were dead.

Murdaugh was already behind bars for many other charges including financial crimes and accusations related to an alleged attempt at staging a fake. “hit” On himself. These charges according to The Washington PostThe indictment was made after his son and wife were killed. However, he was not charged with their deaths until July 2022.

This was the end of a bizarre and long story about the once-prominent South Carolina Attorney. After Murdaugh’s wife and son were murdered, police began looking into Murdaugh’s life and discovered numerous disturbing details.

Murdaugh was accused in stealing $8.5million from people who hired him as an attorney. Murdaugh is also accused of orchestrating his own murder, hiring a friend as his attorney to kill him in order to give his surviving son, Buster a $10m life insurance payout. Murdaugh, who claimed that a stranger shot him along the side road, allegedly lied about the incident to police. This all took place just days after Murdaugh’s firm discovered he had stolen money from clients.

State police also began investigating the hit-and run death of a 19 year-old girl in July 2015 to see if it was connected to Murdaugh. However, no further details have been provided. Authorities also exhumed the body of Murdaugh’s former housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield, who was said to have died after a fall in 2018. Murdaugh allegedly collected more than $4 million from his home insurer by claiming wrongful death and saying he was working for Satterfield’s family, but the family didn’t receive any of the money, according to prosecutors.

Murdaugh was also accused of money laundering and creating a terrorist organization in June 2022. “distribution network” The Associated Press has painkillers information reported The time was at the moment. Murdaugh was allegedly in the drug ring along with the friend he allegedly hired as his killer.

Murdaugh repeatedly denied that he killed his son and wife. He claimed that he was just visiting his parents at the time. He’s been in jail since October with a $7 million bond. The South Carolina Supreme Court barred him last summer. His lawyers declined to contest the arguments.

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