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CDC to Vote Thursday to Permanently Shield Pfizer and Moderna From COVID Vaccine Injury Liability

The end game is near.

A CDC committee will convene this week and likely vote Thursday to deliver permanent legal indemnity to Pfizer and Moderna, through the process of adding the drug companies’ mRNA injections to the child and adolescent immunization schedules.

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By adding the shots to the childhood schedule, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) will transfer liability for vaccine injuries to the federal government’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), allowing for Pfizer and Moderna to finally bring an FDA approved shot to the market without opening itself up to lawsuits. Moreover, it will act as another windfall for companies that have already brought in hundreds of billions of dollars in revenues, by requiring these vaccinations for children who attend public schools.

Kate @KateTalksTruth🚩 CDC is trying to quietly include a vote to add the mRNA C•19 vaccine to the annual childhood immunization schedule. This vote takes place in 2 days on October 19th. Here’s why this matters:

In March 2020, the federal government invoked the PREP Act, which gave Pfizer and Moderna a tort liability shield due to the declared “public health emergency,” which the government is reportedly going to revoke in early 2023. The companies’ emergency use authorization shots have since been protected by the federal government through this 2005 congressional action.

A draft agenda published by the CDC shows what will be on the schedule for Wednesday and Thursday’s meetings.

@KelleyKga Alexander Tin @Alexander_Tin@KelleyKga @angryarlmom @KGLiebowitz @US_FDA @HelenBranswell A @CDCgov official also said this at a recent webinar: “stay tuned for next week’s ACIP meeting that will be discussed about the COVID-19 vaccines appearing on the child, and adolescent– child, adolescent, and adult schedules”… CDC Foundation @CDCFoundJoin CDC Foundation and the Vaccine Equity Cooperative today for a webinar to discuss strategies to protect our children from infection, illness and hospitalization. Register here ⬇️ #COVID19

The Health Resources & Services Administration has clarified what needs to happen for a vaccine to become liability free:

“For a vaccine to be covered, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) must recommend the category of vaccine for routine administration to children or pregnant women, and it must be subject to an excise tax by federal law.”

The Dossier has reported extensively on the coordinated effort by Big Pharma and the Biden Administration to delay the rollout of an FDA approved COVID vaccine, with legal experts suspecting the process is in place to protect Pfizer and Moderna from legal liability from vaccine injuries. To catch up to speed in detail on the EUA vs FDA approved situation, read the stories linked below.

The DossierShell Game? There remains no FDA approved COVID vaccine in the United StatesI fact checked the fact checkers and couldn’t believe what I found. Despite the corporate press, Big Pharma, and the federal government telling us otherwise, it is absolutely true that there is no FDA approved COVID-19

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