CBDC and Digital ID under scrutiny

with Rep. ‍Alex Mooney

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with Rep. Alex Mooney

with Eric Scheiner

with Monica Rodriguez

with Dr. Dave Brat

Apple ended Samsung Electronics’ 12-year run as the largest seller of smartphones in the world.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said ​he would be uncomfortable growing the automaker to be a leader in​ AI and robotics without having at least 25% voting control of the company.

Google is set to go before a federal jury in Boston on Tuesday over accusations that its processors infringe a computer scientist’s patents.

OpenAI and its⁣ financial backer Microsoft were sued in Manhattan federal court by a pair⁤ of nonfiction authors who say the companies misused their work to train ‌the AI models behind AI-based services.

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Read More From Original Article Here: CBDC Under New Scrutiny & EF Blueprint for Digital ID

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