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Cardona pledges support for colleges’ diversity objectives post affirmative action ban.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Vows to Boost Racial Diversity on College Campuses

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is determined to find ways to enhance racial diversity at college campuses, despite the recent Supreme Court decision blocking affirmative action. In an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America, Cardona emphasized that this setback is not the end of the road. He acknowledged the significance of ensuring that our college communities reflect the beautiful diversity of our country.

A Plan of Action

Cardona outlined a comprehensive plan to guide his department in addressing this issue. The Education Department will provide guidance and identify universities that have successfully implemented diversity-conscious systems, even in the absence of race-based admissions. Within 45 days, the department will interpret the court’s ruling, which declared the race-based admissions schemes of Harvard University and the University of North Carolina unconstitutional. They will then issue guidance to universities nationwide on how to proceed with their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

National Summit and Best Practices

In July, the department will host an educational opportunities national summit. By September, Cardona plans to publish a report on national best practices for colleges that aim to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. The intention behind these initiatives is to ensure that college campuses continue to embrace and welcome diversity.

“We’re going to work really hard to mitigate some of the potential impact,” Cardona stated, referring to the significant drop in black and Latino student enrollment that occurred in California after race-based admissions were made illegal in 1996. “We want to prevent that from happening nationwide.”

Exploring Loopholes

Harvard University, in response to the Supreme Court’s decision, has hinted at exploring loopholes. They are focusing on a line in the court’s ruling that allows universities to consider an applicant’s discussion of how race has influenced their life experiences. In a letter, Harvard leadership assured compliance with the court’s decision while highlighting this particular line.

The Department of Education has not yet provided a comment on this matter.

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