Can’t Afford Groceries In Biden’s America? Wall Street Journal Says Just Don’t Eat!

The Wall Street Journal suggested this week that Americans should skip breakfast, as many Americans are struggling to eat.

Titled “To Save Money, Maybe You Should Skip Breakfast,” This article Analysed three popular breakfast foods — eggs, juice, and cereal — and offered explanations for why they cost significantly more since last year. The Journal reports that eggs have increased by 70%, frozen orange juice has increased more than 12 percent and cereal has increased 15% since last year.

What is causing the crippling rises? The reasons were numerous as varied: avian influenza, bad weather and citrus disease, dead poultry, and Vladimir Putin.

There are many moving parts and liabilities in global food supply. A drop in supply will, of course, lead to rising prices. But the Journal neglected to mention perhaps the most important contributor to Americans’ economic woes: Biden’s apparently limitless federal spending.

Ukraine aid in 2022 is the largest single amount $113 billionCongress has plans to send at most $47 billion This year, there will be more. Under Biden’s new $1.7 trillion spending spree, he plans to inject more dollars domestically into an economy still recovering from government-imposed Covid lockdowns. Appropriations Include increased funding for food stamps and utility bill assistance, childcare, Medicaid, as well as other services.

The January Consumer Price Index shows that the more cash you have, the higher the prices will be. Report.

It isn’t just breakfast foods. Energy sector is also suffering. Electricity prices increased by around 12 percent. Utility gas services increased by 26.7 per cent. Gasoline, too, still stands at $3.42 Today is more than averaging $2.17 2020

Americans choose to ignore accountability in the legacy media. The Washington Post claims inflation is occurring as Biden plans to spend even more of your hard-earned cash. “good for you,” So, be positive. CNN says the recession is like receiving $100 per-month raise. The Wall Street Journal now advocates for greater personal sacrifices by everyday working-class citizens. Perhaps you should stop eating.

Spencer Dalke, an intern at The Federalist is a Journalism major at Patrick Henry College.

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