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Candace Owens slams Netflix, demands return of Emmys.

Conservative ​firebrand ‍Candace Owens Takes on​ Netflix’s​ “Making a Murderer”⁢ in New Docuseries

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens is known for fearlessly challenging cultural norms, regardless of political⁢ leanings. Her latest endeavor is a 10-part docuseries aimed at deconstructing and debunking the immensely popular Netflix‌ series “Making a Murderer.”

“Making a Murderer” is a true crime documentary that revolves around the story ‌of Steven Avery, a man initially wrongfully convicted of murder before being found guilty of a ​different murder. ‍The ⁣series has faced criticism for its alleged bias‌ in favor of Avery and its portrayal ‌of law enforcement.

Owens, backed by the resources of the Daily Wire, is determined ​to tackle this subject ⁢with the thoroughness it‌ deserves. In a recent interview with the New York Post, Owens and director Shawn Rech​ wasted no time‍ in calling out the alleged ⁢ethical misconduct of ​”Making a ‌Murderer” ‍directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos.

“We ‌have recordings of‍ them⁤ telling Steven [Avery] that this is his movie — and that they hope it gets him ⁢out,”⁢ Rech revealed.

Owens also criticized the Netflix documentary‍ for promoting anti-police ⁢rhetoric and ‌called for ⁣greater accountability among nonfiction filmmakers. She even went​ as far as demanding that Netflix return the⁤ Emmys⁢ the⁣ show had won.

“You almost got away with this documentary,” Owens ‌asserted. “You made it seem like you were ⁢just interested in following facts and then suddenly someone comes behind ⁣you‍ and shows how⁢ much you intentionally left out — how intentional you ​were in leaving those bits out. They ‌should be ashamed, they⁣ should be embarrassed, they​ should return their Emmys.”

The new‍ docuseries, titled⁣ “Convicting a ​Murderer,” is currently ‌available for Daily Wire Plus subscribers, with the final episode set to release on October 26, 2023. The first episode is accessible to the general public.

Owens has been ​actively promoting the series, including a captivating appearance on a podcast where she engaged⁣ in a spirited debate ⁤with ‌sex workers.

Source: Candace Owens Shreds Netflix, Says‌ ‘They Should Return Their Emmys’

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