Candace Owens, Matt Walsh, and other ‘Convicting’ stars unite to expose ‘Making A Murderer’ inaccuracies in X Space panel.

Daily Wire host Candace Owens prepared⁤ viewers on Friday for what they could expect in her new Daily Wire+ ⁤series⁣ “Convicting a Murderer” and broke down ‌with co-stars, case experts, and ⁣commentators what the “Making a Murderer” filmmakers got wrong.

During a live chat on an X space on ⁣Friday, Owens host spoke to Daily Wire⁤ podcaster Matt Walsh, along with reporters Dan ⁢O’Donnell and Angenette Levy, who were ⁢involved in covering the real-life ‍murder and trial about the Emmy Award-winning​ Netflix series⁤ and ⁤how the‍ filmmakers of the original show “manipulated” viewers to think Steven Avery was a victim, rather than the young woman who was murdered, Teresa Halbach. Owens was ⁣also joined by big names such ⁣as conservative commentators ​Jack Posobiec and Brandon Tatum, satire ​site The Babylon Bee, and former prosecutor Jim Clemente.

The new 10-part series unveils the shocking truth behind one of the‍ most controversial criminal cases in⁢ recent history. Avery’s case was popularized by the success of “Making a Murderer,” in which Avery was portrayed as an⁤ innocent victim of corrupt law⁢ enforcement — but Owens says‍ there’s more to the story of Halbach’s murder than what viewers were ⁢shown in the Netflix series.

Walsh told Candace that he was not “persuaded” by​ the original series and thought Avery was ⁢guilty of murdering Halbach. He said one of the things that first raised⁢ his antennae that ‍something might not be right with the‌ narrative⁤ he was being given was when “Avery admitted to something involving burning a cat.”

“They glossed over it,” he added. “They made it kind of sound ​like he did it by accident ​… and that whole story to me made⁤ no sense at all. So, that was‍ the first thing I thought, well, if ⁣you know anything ⁤about psychopathic killers, they very often have animal abuse and ⁤animal torture in their background.”

O’Donnell, the ‍host of “The Dan O’Donnell Show,” said he got involved in the story first covering the real-life Avery murder trial in 2007 and later ​after watching “Making a Murderer.”

O’Donnell, who also appears in “Convicting a Murderer,” told Owens that when he‌ first saw the first two episodes of the Netflix series, his “jaw hit the floor” because none of what he was being told on the series, ​he said, was “lining up with ⁤what I remembered to be reality” from⁢ the case.

“What Netflix was​ presenting was so far outfield from what I covered, the evidence ‍I actually saw, that I actually​ sat down … probably two⁤ weeks after the ⁣show premiered, and did a podcast, episode by episode, much like ​‘Convicting a‍ Murderer,’” O’Donnell said.

Speaking earlier‍ to Daily Wire podcast host‍ Michael Knowles, Owens said the Netflix documentary makers “knew that they could just manipulate people’s emotions” and “make them think‌ that ‍Avery,” who she said is a “very aggressive person,” could “potentially be‌ an angel.” She said viewers are ‌going to be ​“shocked” at “how far the media will go⁢ to sell you an idea”‍ and how often they “omit the facts.”

DailyWire+ will stream the first two episodes of “Convicting a Murderer” for free​ on the platform on Friday with early access for members having begun on Thursday. Episode one will also be available to view on the DailyWire+ YouTube channel, as well as on X. The⁤ remaining seven episodes will debut weekly on the subscriber-based streaming service every Thursday.

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